Secure Private Access

Fast, secure, and reliable private app access for all users from any device or location

Zscaler Private Access™ (ZPA) gives users the fastest, most secure access to private apps and OT devices while enabling zero trust connectivity for workloads.

As the world’s most deployed zero trust network access (ZTNA) solution, ZPA offers zero trust connectivity, minimizes security risks, and mitigates lateral threat movement through advanced segmentation and AI-powered, context-aware policies.

Why It Matters

Legacy network security is incompatible with today’s hybrid workforce

Traditional firewalls and VPNs create a massive attack surface that lets attackers see and exploit exposed resources.

By putting users on the network and letting them access any application it hosts, these legacy approaches give attackers easy access to sensitive data. They make it challenging and time-consuming to safely provide access or share resources with third-party vendors, contractors, and agencies. Beyond that, they drive up costs and complexity, and are too slow to serve today's hybrid workforce.

Legacy network security
The solution
A secure, unmatched user experience
Replace legacy VPNs
Replace legacy VPNs

Significantly reduce the attack surface and eliminate lateral movement by connecting users directly to apps—not the network.

Prevent private app compromise
Prevent private app compromise

Minimize the risk of compromised users and data loss with first-of-its-kind private application protection (AppProtection), threat isolation, and Deception.

Empower today's hybrid workforce
Empower today's hybrid workforce

Seamlessly extend lightning-fast access to private apps across remote users, HQ, branch offices, and third-party partners.

Reduce cost and complexity
Reduce cost and complexity

Offer secure, optimal access, without the costs and complexity of point products, through a unified ZTNA platform for users, workloads, and IoT/OT.

How It Works

Zero Trust Networking

Provide granular, segmented access to distributed applications and workloads through a comprehensive set of access control services built on the Zero Trust Exchange.

Zero Trust Networking
Key capabilities

App discovery

Enable seamless inside-out connections between users and applications using ZPA’s lightweight infrastructure-agnostic software, paired with browser access capabilities.

AI-powered user-to-app segmentation

Get automatically generated recommendations on app segments and policies, based on machine learning models, to quickly minimize the attack surface and prevent lateral threat movement.

Workload to workload segmentation

Secure cloud workload communications across hybrid and multicloud environments such as AWS and Azure.

Privileged remote access

Control and manage privileged users' access to critical websites and systems using RDP, SSH, or Virtual Network Computing (VNC) from the end user’s modern browser.

Browser access

Enable seamless inside-out user-to-app connections using ZPA’s lightweight, infrastructure-agnostic software, paired with browser access capabilities.

Private service edge

Bring the power of ZTNA for your on-premises users with least-privileged access to private apps, connecting users directly to applications.

Digital experience monitoring

Optimize your digital experiences to keep users productive by rapidly detecting and resolving app, network, and device issues.

Cyberthreat Protection

Advanced cyber protection capabilities protect users, workloads, and devices as they access private applications. 

Cyberthreat Protection
Key capabilities

App protection

Stop the most prevalent application attacks and emerging zero-day vulnerabilities with inline security inspection.


Lure, detect, and intercept attackers with decoy applications, limiting their ability to find targets or move laterally.

Data Protection

Holistic zero configuration data protection across all channels eliminates the need for point data protection solutions.

Data Protection
Key capabilities


Protect data in motion with full inline inspection including Exact Data Match (EDM), Indexed Data Match (IDM), and machine learning.

Endpoint DLP

Secure endpoint data, control removable media, and prevent BYOD data loss.

Browser isolation

Eliminate the risk of sensitive data loss through vulnerable users and infected endpoints by allowing secure access to private applications through browser isolation.

Use Cases

What Zscaler Private Access can deliver

Secure remote access (VPN alternative)

Modernize and secure remote access for your data center/cloud applications and OT systems by replacing your legacy VPN with the world’s most deployed ZTNA solution.

On-premises ZTNA and disaster recovery

Bring users back to the office securely with consistent access and experience for remote and in-office users, along with business continuity even during a black swan event.

Secure third-party access

Extend secure private app access to third-party vendors, contractors, and suppliers with superior support for BYOD and unmanaged devices without an endpoint agent.

VDI replacement

Give your users a faster, smoother experience than slow, expensive legacy VDI while protecting data on BYOD and unmanaged devices.

OT connectivity

Provide fast, reliable, and secure remote access to industrial IoT/OT devices for easier remote maintenance and troubleshooting of systems.

Multicloud connectivity

Help your organization thrive in a hybrid and multicloud environment with superior workload-to-workload communications.

Eliminate lateral threat movement

Minimize the attack surface and prevent lateral movement with user-to-app and app-to-app segmentation, connecting users directly to private apps with identity-based authentication and access policies.

M&A integration

Accelerate mergers and acquisitions by enabling fast, secure app access without integrating the networks.

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State of OK
Customer Success Stories
State of OK
Federal and Government / 30,000+ employees / 180 agencies

State of Oklahoma accelerates private app access by 600%

"We were able to get ZPA up and running in just two days ... access to private applications was up to six times faster than it was with VPN."

—Michael Toland, CISO, State of Oklahoma

Customer Success Stories
Services / 19,000 staff / 32 locations

Probe CX blocks 3.1 million threats in three months

"Some of the key benefits we've realized through implementing this technology, we are on track to get rid of 100% of those VPNs within the environment."

—Rohan Khanna, Chief Technology Officer, Probe CX

Customer Success Stories
Transportation Services / 110,000 employees

CMA CGM improve user experience and minimizes risk

"With ZPA, we have been able to go from 400 to 27,000 users within two days, while configuring application segmenting for each application required for business."

—Michael Perrino, Group CIO, CMA CGM

Customer Success Stories
Federal and Government / 2,500+ employees in Magdeburg, Germany

Magdeburg City Council stops cyberattacks by replacing aging VPN

"We’ve made a huge leap through ZPA. No matter where the employees are, it works, and I can be sure that the connection is also secure."

—Dr. Tim Hoppe, Office for Statistics, Elections, and Digitalization, City of Magdeburg

State of OK
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