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Secure Private Access

Fast, secure, and reliable private app access for all users from any device or location

Zscaler Private Access™ (ZPA™) redefines zero trust network access (ZTNA), giving users the fastest, most secure access to private apps and OT devices, and enabling zero trust connectivity for workloads.


Legacy network security is incompatible with today’s hybrid workforce

Traditional firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), and private apps create a massive attack surface that lets attackers see and exploit exposed resources. These legacy approaches put users on the network, giving attackers easy access to sensitive data. Beyond that, they drive up costs and complexity, and they’re too slow to serve today's remote workforce.


Achieve the experience users want—with the security your business demands

Zscaler Private Access provides fast, secure, and seamless access to private applications while minimizing the attack surface and lateral movement. As a cloud native service, ZPA can be deployed in hours to replace traditional remote access tools, such as VPN and VDI.
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A secure, unmatched user experience

Replace legacy VPNs and firewalls
Users connect directly to apps—not the network—minimizing the attack surface and eliminating lateral movement.
Prevent private app compromise
First-of-its-kind app protection, threat isolation, and deception minimizes the risk of compromised users and data loss.
Empower today's hybrid workforce
Lightning-fast access to private apps extends seamlessly across remote users, HQ, branch offices, and third-party partners.
Reduce cost and complexity
Reduce cost and complexity
A unified ZTNA platform for users, workloads, and IoT/OT offers secure, optimal access while eliminating the cost and complexity of multiple point products.

Zscaler Private Access is zero trust network access, evolved

Zero trust access to private applications is provided by first verifying the identity and context (who, what, where) of the access request. Traffic is then segmented to map users to apps and devices before computing a risk score and inspecting traffic to protect against cyberthreats and data loss. Appropriate policies are then applied before establishing connections to apps or OT devices.
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What’s Inside

Get complete zero trust application access with best-in-class cyberthreat protection, data protection, and access control

Secure Private Access What's inside diagram
Integrated cyber protection, data protection, and access control services leverage the Zero Trust Exchange platform and ecosystem.

Cyber Protection

Advanced cyber protection capabilities protect users, workloads, and devices as they access private applications.

App protection

Stop the most prevalent application attacks and emerging zero-day vulnerabilities with inline security inspection.


Lure, detect, and intercept attackers with decoy applications, limiting their ability to find targets or move laterally.

Privileged remote access

Control and manage privileged users' access to critical websites and systems.

Data Protection

Holistic zero-configuration data protection across all channels eliminates the need for point data protection solutions.


Protect data in motion with full inline inspection, including Exact Data Match (EDM), Indexed Document Matching (IDM), and machine learning.

Endpoint DLP

Secure endpoint data, control removable media, and prevent BYOD data loss.


Eliminate the risk of sensitive data loss through vulnerable users and infected endpoints by allowing secure access to private apps through integrated browser isolation.

Access Control

Provide granular, segmented access to distributed applications and workloads through a comprehensive set of access control services built on the Zero Trust Exchange.

Intelligent policy

Get automatically generated recommendations on app segments and policies, based on machine learning models that are trained on millions of customer signals and your unique application access patterns.

User-to-app segmentation

Ensure access is granted on a one-to-one basis, so users only have access to specific apps and not the entire network.

User-to-device segmentation

Ensure access to IoT/OT devices is granted on a least-privileged basis.

Workload-to-workload segmentation

Secure cloud workload communications across hybrid and multicloud environments such as AWS and Azure.

Use cases

A complete platform to serve your needs

Man working from home on a laptop sitting on a couch

Enable productivity from any location with seamless, secure access to applications and an uninterrupted user experience with universal ZTNA.

VPN alternative

Modernize and secure remote access for your data center/cloud applications and OT systems when you replace your legacy VPN with the world’s most deployed ZTNA solution.

On-campus ZTNA

Bring users back to the office securely with consistent remote and in-office access and experience.

VDI alternative

Give your users a faster, smoother experience than slow, expensive legacy VDI while protecting data on BYOD or unmanaged devices.

Man working from a warehouse holding a tablet

Extend secure private app access to third-party vendors, contractors, and suppliers with superior support for BYOD and unmanaged devices without an endpoint agent.

Minimize attack surface

Eliminate attack surface and prevent lateral movement by leveraging user-to-app and app-to-app segmentation, connecting users directly to private apps with identity-based authentication and access policies.

Multicloud connectivity

Help your organization thrive in a hybrid and multicloud environment with superior workload-to-workload communications.

Woman and man shaking hands in a coffee shop

Accelerate mergers and acquisitions by enabling quick and secure app access without integrating the networks.

Our Platform

Experience the power of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

A comprehensive cloud platform eliminates point products and reduces operational overhead.
Our Platform

Securely connect authorized users, devices, and workloads using business policies

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Services / 15,000+ employees / 100+ locations

Paychex embraces zero trust and accelerates M&A with ZPA

This HR and payroll solutions firm delivered a seamless application experience for more than 15,000 employees while accelerating and simplifying M&A IT operations.

Manufacturer of ship and rail engines / 12,000 users / 100+ locations

MAN Energy Solutions makes zero trust possible with ZPA

This multinational engine manufacturer uses Zscaler ZTNA to protect IoT and give remote workers secure, reliable access to private apps at sea.

Oilfield equipment manufacturer / 27,000+ employees / 550+ facilities

NOV Secures Access for 27,000 Employees Across 60 Countries

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Container ship
Oil rig

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