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Zero trust starts with authenticating identity to enable secure application access

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Providing security in a cloud-first world

Organizations are adopting cloud-first strategies and zero trust security to support today’s work-from-anywhere environments. But as the network extends beyond traditional on-premises data centers and into the cloud, how do you protect employees wherever they work, regardless of the device or application they’re using? Current identity challenges include:


Poor user experiences

An incomplete or fractured picture of your security infrastructure hinders remediation and response


Increased risks

Incomplete visibility of asset posture and configuration prevents safe zero trust access to apps and secure deployments


Complex processes

Siloed data and resources separate visibility and context, slowing investigation and response while increasing your attack surface

The need for zero trust

The first step to implement zero trust is to confirm the user is who they say they are. Once validated, access rights are verified based on context and the principles of least-privileged access to ensure users only have access to the applications for which they've been authorized.

Zscaler integrates with leaders in identity and access management (IAM) as well as identity governance and administration (IGA).


Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identity and access management (IAM)

The integrations between Zscaler and IAM partners deliver seamless authentication and improve the user experience


Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)


Identity governance and admin (IGA)

The integrations between Zscaler and IGA partners provide zero trust identity management, saving time, improving compliance, and reducing business risk

No one explains the value of integrated solutions more clearly than joint customers


Ciena boosts employee engagement with secure cloud transformation and enhances the user experience using Zscaler, VMware SD-WAN, and Okta.

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NOV leverages the Okta and SentinelOne integrations to help advance their security posture and zero trust strategy.

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Mercury Financial

Mercury Financial leverages the CrowdStrike and Okta integrations to facilitate threat intelligence and telemetry sharing and improve user experiences.

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Okta and Zscaler deliver seamless authentication and security as part of Careem's zero trust solution.

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Zscaler helps Nexteer improve Office 365 user experience, and secures its cloud transformation with Okta.

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Okta and Zscaler increase security and simplify the user experience for Hesta’s members while improving the availability of the portal.

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