Zscaler integrates with leading operations tools that provide visibility, automation, intelligence, and service management

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Securing a cloud-first world

Organizations are adopting cloud-first strategies and zero trust security to support work-from-anywhere models. As your network extends into the cloud, how do you protect users on any device, using any application, anywhere? Enforcement, visibility, and response are key, but correlating telemetry and events across multiple consoles is inefficient. It can also lead to alert fatigue, and leave threats to dwell in your systems. Data needs to be centralized for visibility across the enterprise that enables an effective response. Today’s operations challenges:


Siloed visibility

An incomplete or fractured picture of your security infrastructure hinders remediation and response


Increased risks

Incomplete visibility of device posture and location prevents safe zero trust connections to apps


Complex processes

Siloed data separates visibility and context, slowing down investigation and response

API integration

As a Zscaler customer or partner, you can take advantage of our platform’s open API to get consolidated visibility, engage automation, and increase your security posture.

Zscaler integrates with leaders in SIEM, SOAR, TIP, and FPM to enable you to monitor and manage your security infrastructure with the tools you already use.

Diagram illustrating Operations solution and how it fits into Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

Security information and event management (SIEM) and analytics

Zscaler integrates with SIEM partners to provide visibility in a centralized console and allow your teams to leverage their existing security investigation workflows.

diagram illustrating how SIEM fits into zero trust exchange cloud solution


Zscaler integrates with leading SOAR platforms to help SOC teams enforce and automate event lookups, reputation checks, and blocking actions within Zscaler.

Threat intelligence platforms

Zscaler integrates with leading TIPs to help SOC teams easily operationalize custom threat intelligence to enforce real-time policies and get protection against emerging threats and targeted attacks.

Firewall policy management

Leading firewall management partners integrate with Zscaler through APIs to review rules, track changes, perform configuration and compliance audits, and access analysis.