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Countdown to Zenith Live

September 11, 2019 - 4 min read

In less than a week, some of the brightest minds in cloud computing, networking, and security will be gathering in Las Vegas for Zenith Live 2019, the Zscaler Cloud Summit.

Are you ready?

At Zenith Live, you will hear from leading network and security experts, industry visionaries, and Zscaler teams discussing a range of topics, from how to start your cloud journey through to how AI and machine learning can improve security, and more.

This event also provides an opportunity to engage with your peers to exchange ideas and experiences as you define your organization’s path to the digital future. With an impressive lineup of keynote speakers and informative technical sessions, you will come away inspired to help your organization deliver greater value to customers’ lives and businesses—enabled by the cloud and empowered by you.

Zenith Live will feature a mix of hands-on training labs, interactive sessions, and featured speakers - all designed to give attendees a better understanding of how a move to the cloud can best benefit their organization.

Pre-conference training

Our pre-conference certification training is quickly becoming one of the most popular activities at this event. These sold-out technical courses contain a mixture of lecture and hands-on labs. Two of the tracks offer “essentials” programs for those getting started with Zscaler; all three tracks offer “Masters” programs for experienced users who want to explore more capabilities and use cases.

Keynote speakers

A move to the cloud can seem daunting, and some organizations are leery to undergo such a journey without fully understanding what lies ahead. But they don’t have to face any of this alone. At Zenith Live, our attendees will hear from industry pioneers who have embraced the cloud and all its benefits. IT leaders from industry-leading organizations will share their stories of transformation, providing strategies for those at the beginning of their journey, as well as tips for overcoming the obstacles that lie ahead.

Check out the impressive lineup, which includes customers from large enterprises from various industries as well as partner keynotes, such as Alex Simons, Corporate VP of Program Management, and Jeff Mealiffe, Principal Lead Program Manager, from Microsoft.  

Breakout sessions

We’ve seen a lot of changes this year in cloud technology and security, and we want to make sure our customers are at the forefront of innovation and to empower them to provide users secure access to applications no matter the location. We’re offering nearly three dozen sessions featuring Zscaler product experts and customer speakers focused on a wide variety of themes, such as zero trust network access strategy, Office 365 migration, securing multicloud environments, cloud architecture, and the power of AI and ML in security.

These sessions are broken out into five separate tracks:

  • Zscaler Foundations, which will provide in-depth details of Zscaler products and solutions, and how they can benefit an organization in its cloud efforts.
  • Application Transformation, which focuses on the best ways to provide application access to all users without putting the company at risk.
  • Network Transformation, which looks at how a move to the cloud will affect your network.
  • Security Transformation, which concentrates on new ways to secure your organization in a cloud-first world.
  • Cloud-First Architects, which is designed to provide architects with the information they need to successfully implement new cloud initiatives.

What happens in Vegas…

…doesn’t always have to stay in Vegas. Our presenters have put together content that will benefit attendees as you navigate your way through your digital journey. They are sharing their knowledge and expertise, and you can do the same. Share what you’ve learned, ask questions, and post photos. Follow along and post to our social feeds on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using #zenithlive19. This event is all about knowledge sharing.

The clock is ticking

The event-of-the-year focused on secure cloud transformation is almost here. Before you know it, you’ll be at The Venetian in Las Vegas, immersed in a world of cloud and security, learning tips and best practices that you can use to help your company along its cloud journey. We’ve spent quite a bit of time planning an informative and exciting event, and we’re ready.

Are you?

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