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Secure Digital Transformation is a Winning Strategy

November 18, 2020 - 3 min read

Earlier this month, when I began my journey as chief marketing officer at Zscaler, I knew that I was becoming part of a visionary organization. Zscaler’s approach to securing the enterprise in the era of cloud and mobility was a radical departure from the ways it had been done in the past. In the 12 years since the company was founded, Zscaler has proven that its cloud-native security architecture is the right approach, providing an extensible platform that solves customers’ security challenges and enables them to achieve their digital transformation goals. 

So, it does not surprise me that Zscaler has been named in this year’s “Technology Fast 500,” an award program sponsored by Deloitte that recognizes 500 of the fastest-growing and most innovative companies in North America. Though I’ve only been here two weeks myself, I’ve known Jay Chaudhry, the company’s founder and CEO, for many years, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet with dozens of the people whose work is directly responsible for Zscaler’s growth, its customer focus, and its nonstop innovation. It’s been a thrill, and it’s just getting started.  

This year, it’s been especially gratifying to see how Zscaler has been helping customers through what has arguably been the most challenging time in memory. Of course, the crisis isn’t over, and its full magnitude, particularly its human toll, cannot be known. But I do know that enabling companies to continue operations with their employees working safely and remotely has been critical—not only to those companies, but to economies, communities, and, most of all, to families. Zscaler has been instrumental in this effort, providing secure application access for all the employees in thousands of organizations around the world, often as they connect over unsecured networks and use unmanaged devices. It has been a testament to the power and scale of the cloud, and to the importance of secure digital transformation for fueling the flexibility and resiliency organizations need.

If you’d like to see what all this means to real-world organizations, join me at Zenith Live, the Zscaler Annual Cloud Summit, which kicks off December 8. It’s your opportunity to hear from leaders who have successfully navigated the secure digital journey and learn from experts on SASE, data protection, DevSecOps, CASB, zero trust, CSPM, and so much more. This year’s virtual event will bring together thousands of IT professionals at all levels, and it will offer something of value for everyone who attends. I encourage you to register and create your agenda. In addition to dozens of technical sessions, you can join in expert-led training, inspiring keynotes, “birds of a feather” panels, live demos and Q&A, and you can even hear from an astronaut. I can’t wait for the virtual summit to begin, and I hope to see you there!

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