Zscaler Rated AAA in CyberRatings SSE Report, Q2 2024

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ achieved 98% overall security efficacy based on third-party testing from CyberRatings.org


Key stats from the SSE Threat Protection Report

Zscaler blocked 7,135 of 7,140 wild malware samples
Zscaler stopped 1,124 out of 1,124 evasions
Zscaler prevented 201 out of 205 exploit attempts
Zscaler is proud to have earned a AAA rating, the highest possible in this evaluation.
CyberRatings.org provides objective ratings of security products based on rigorous research and testing. The 2024 SSE Threat Protection test assessed the effectiveness of the Zero Trust Exchange in preventing a wide range of malware, evasions, and exploits in several areas, including:
Threat protection

How effectively SSE protects against malware and exploits

Resistance to evasion

How effectively SSE handles techniques that would otherwise permit attackers to circumvent policy

TLS/SSL functionality

Support for various TLS and SSL cipher suites

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Our commitment to providing leading-edge security

This report underscores why 40% of the Fortune 500 leverage the power of the Zero Trust Exchange, securing more than 400 billion transactions each day. Read it today to find out more.

The Zscaler Difference

A fundamentally different architecture

Businesses spend billions on firewalls and VPNs, so why do breaches continue? Simply, legacy architectures are no longer effective. They can’t inspect encrypted traffic at scale to stop hidden threats—and worse, they’re exposed to the internet, potentially creating open entry points for attacks.

The Zscaler SSE approach simplifies IT and security transformation with the all-in-one Zero Trust Exchange, built on the world’s largest security cloud.

The Zero Trust Exchange meets all the SSE needs of a modern, cloud-centric security strategy with comprehensive threat and data protection. As a unified platform, it reduces complexity and cost while securing all users, apps, and data.


SSE extended to users, workloads, IoT/OT devices, and business partners

Empower your enterprise
SSE for users

Protect your environments with scalable, cloud native security delivered at the edge

Perform full inline inspection and policy enforcement with a scalable, multitenant, proxy-based architecture

Increase agility and support productivity to drive business growth

Eliminate multiple security point products (e.g., the entire inbound/outbound DMZ stack) with a single platform

Cut costs and complexity, and improve visibility and control, by consolidating multiple point products into one platform

Enable reliable, secure, high-performance internet and application access to every user, device, and branch location around the world

Gain best-in-class services and support with industry-leading SLAs and an NPS of 70+

Extend SSE beyond your users to also protect your workloads and IoT/OT environments
More than SSE

Protect users, workloads, and devices with cloud-delivered data loss prevention (DLP), cloud firewall (FWaaS), UEBA, browser isolation, inline sandbox, and more.

Dramatically reduced attack surface

Eliminate the attack surface entirely by hiding applications behind the Zero Trust Exchange, invisible to the public internet.

No lateral movement of threats

Isolate threats and reduce the blast radius of any attack by connecting users directly to apps—never your network. 

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