James Beer

Board member at Alaska Air Group and Docusign
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James Beer is a prominent finance executive with a career spanning over 18 years as a CFO for major companies across three industries. He has held senior leadership roles at renowned organizations, including American Airlines, Symantec, McKesson, and Atlassian. His extensive experience also extends to key management responsibilities, where he served as the Head of Europe and Asia for American Airlines, further showcasing his versatile leadership capabilities. As a seasoned board member, James has contributed his expertise to notable companies such as Alaska Air Group/Alaska Airlines, Docusign, Forescout, Celesio AG, Change Healthcare, and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Economic Advisory Council.


James holds a B.Sc in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College, London University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. His diverse educational background has equipped him with a well-rounded perspective and a strong foundation in both technical and business acumen. However, outside of his professional endeavors, James prioritizes his personal life, dedicating time to his family, actively engages in golf, tennis, skiing, and passionately supports Tottenham and the Seahawks. He is an avid private pilot and enjoys exploring the world through international and domestic travel.


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