Robert Schlossman

Chief Legal Officer
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Robert Schlossman has served as our Chief Legal Officer since February 2016. Mr. Schlossman has been a key legal and business advisor to CEOs, management teams, and boards of directors of public, private equity, and venture capital-backed companies. Mr. Schlossman develops legal departments into organizations that both protect a company and enable the success of the business.


Mr. Schlossman is particularly skilled at guiding companies through major transformations including IPOs, M&A transactions, creation of new companies from large public companies, international expansion, implementation of new business strategies, introduction of new products and sales channels, and major corporate restructurings. He has substantial experience with streamlining legal operations, optimizing legal budgets, creating and managing compliance programs, IP strategy, contracts, complex sales programs and supply chains, government contracting, employment issues, litigation, international operations, and corporate securities and governance matters.


Prior to joining Zscaler, he served as the Chief Legal Officer of several high technology companies. Mr. Schlossman holds a Juris Doctor from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law, as well as a Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts in English from Stanford University.

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