Zscaler Values


Our high-performance, can-do culture and employee engagement are foundational elements of our success, and we’re proud to empower our global workforce to create, collaborate, and contribute their best work to help our customers and business succeed.

Our dedication to being the best starts by creating a culture where the most talented people share our values and seek the opportunity to make a difference by providing better security to individuals and organizations around the world.



We celebrate people for their diverse perspectives and backgrounds, and we are able to respectfully disagree and move forward as one team. We are open-minded and work toward the best solution in the interest of Zscaler. We all succeed when the company succeeds.

Open Communication

We are approachable and transparent, and we strive for integrity in everything we say and do. We communicate with positive intent, celebrate each other's successes, rise to meet challenges, and listen with empathy. At Zscaler, we feel safe to express our true selves and are empowered to engage in difficult conversations where needed.


We find our purpose and invest in continuous learning to master our craft. We are resourceful and determined to be the best while staying humble and grounded. We have the conviction to do what’s right and remove obstacles in our pursuit of excellence.


We are creative and solve complicated problems by thinking beyond conventional and predictable methods. We believe no outcome is impossible. We are willing to take risks and fail fast to learn.

Customer Obsession

We go above and beyond what is expected to delight our customers. We are passionate about understanding our customers’ challenges to better solve them. We forge lasting relationships with our customers by going beyond the transactional to build mutual trust.


Embedding environmental efficiency


Enabling possibility for people


Securing trust