Our Values

Our commitment to culture creates an environment where a global and diverse workforce can contribute their best work to help our customers and our business succeed. We believe that our journey to be the best starts by creating a culture where the most talented people share our values and seek the opportunity to make a difference by providing better cybersecurity to individuals and organizations around the world. Our cultural values are the following:


We respect people for their diverse perspectives and backgrounds and are able to disagree while remaining respectful. We remain open minded and work towards the best solution. This mindset leads us to put the team’s needs before personal needs; we win when the team wins.

Open Communication

We are approachable and transparent and have integrity in everything we do. We say what we mean and mean what we say. We confront and resolve issues; at Zscaler we find the courage to have the hard conversations.


We are ambitious and driven to be the best while staying humble and grounded. We find our purpose and continue to master our craft. We strive to show conviction and be resilient and persistent for the right reasons.

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We are creative and solve complicated problems by inventing something new. We think beyond the conventional and predictable because we believe no outcome is impossible. We are willing to take risks and fail fast to learn.

Customer Obsession

We go above and beyond what is expected and delight our customers. We seek to connect and understand our customers’ challenges to better solve them. We build lasting relationships with our customers because our interactions are strategic rather than transactional.

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Modernizing Security and Protecting Privacy

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Enabling Green Security

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Investing in People

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Building Trust