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Zscaler + Aruba

Cloud-delivered secure access for users anywhere

Zscaler and Aruba deliver SD-WAN with cutting-edge cloud security

Together, Zscaler and Aruba deliver SD-WAN with cutting-edge cloud security services that can be configured in minutes. Achieve optimal application performance with a secure access service edge (SASE) architecture that automatically adapts to changing business requirements.

For IT, that means lower costs and simpler operations. For users, it means fast, secure, uninterrupted access to business-critical applications.

Zscaler and Aruba
Enabling a secure enterprise SD-WAN

Zscaler and Aruba enabled a secure enterprise SD-WAN

Highest quality of experience

Empower your IT teams to be more responsive to business needs. Provision and secure new sites with zero-touch setup while increasing productivity and end user quality of experience with 99.999% availability.

Business-driven design

Business-driven design

Leverage a SASE architecture to boost performance and enhance reliability. Streamline branch IT to improve economics and make your cloud investments count.

Automated connectivity, always-on security with Zscaler and Aruba

Automated connectivity, always-on security

Enable infrastructure to automatically adapt to changing business conditions. Centrally define security requirements once to deliver optimal connectivity and security to all employees, guests, and devices anywhere.

Zero-touch setup for rapid provisioning

Easily add, provision, and secure new branches anywhere in minutes. The Zscaler and Aruba EdgeConnect solution enables a streamlined branch architecture that provides optimal protection for all users and devices with customized, granular network and security policies without the need for discrete routers and next-generation firewalls.

Cushman & wakefield

You can walk into an office in Hong Kong, London, or Los Angeles and you're able to connect immediately with the same experience no matter where you are in the world.

—Rob Franch, Chief Technology Officer

A message from Aruba

David Hughes, Chief Product
and Technology Officer

Enabling secure SD-WAN for our
joint customers

“One of the things we can do when it comes to integrating with Zscaler is make it really, really easy to roll out ... It’s as simple as dragging and dropping a Zscaler logo on our orchestrator to start not just using Zscaler at one branch, but to redirect the internet-bound traffic for all of your branches to Zscaler’s security services. We both complement each other perfectly.”

—David Hughes, CTO, Aruba 

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