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Stop Ransomware

Stop threats and reduce business risk with a proactive zero trust security architecture

Zero trust powers the world’s most effective ransomware protection

Ransomware attacks are making more headlines every day. Cybercriminals are launching more sophisticated attacks, ransom payments keep growing, and no industry is off-limits. Protecting your important files and data in today's evolving ransomware landscape requires a more effective approach—so defenders are looking for new solutions.

growth in ransomware attacks over the past two years.
You can’t stop what you can’t see
Ransomware delivered over encrypted channels evades traditional security solutions.
major ransomware families used double-extortion attacks in 2023.
Exploiting trust to bypass traditional controls
Ransomware is increasingly delivered through trusted third-party apps like Google Drive or Microsoft 365.
1 in 2
ransomware infections include data theft, forcing victims to pay up to prevent data leakage—also known as double extortion.
Every ransomware incident is now a data breach
Threat actors are stealing sensitive data to increase the pressure on their victims to pay ransoms.
security risk is lateral movement within corporate networks.
The corporate network is your biggest risk
Legacy hub-and-spoke networks and "next-gen" firewalls leave your enterprise open for ransomware attacks to move laterally.

Ransomware attacks require proactive defenses

Zscaler provides ransomware protection to disrupt every stage of the ransomware attack life cycle in ways legacy antivirus and other security tools can’t.

Ransomware attack life cycle desktop

Ransomware attack life cycle

Today’s cyberattackers use sophisticated tactics to bypass conventional ransomware detection and hide in trusted and encrypted traffic. They move through the network and steal data, threatening to publish it if victims don’t pay. Once they have what they need, they execute the ransomware, encrypting data and wreaking havoc.


Legacy security architectures fail to stop ransomware

“Next-generation” firewall functionality and security point solutions introduce blind spots, complexity, and high costs—all resulting in significant risk. These legacy approaches make it cost-prohibitive to inspect encrypted files and traffic, allowing attackers hidden within to move laterally and infect other systems.

a diagram showing Zscaler ransomware prevention

Stop ransomware at every stage of the attack life cycle

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ prevents attackers from discovering, exploiting, or infecting users and apps by making those users and apps invisible, accessible only to authorized users or devices. It inspects all inbound and outbound traffic inline, encrypted or not. Authenticated users and devices connect directly to the applications they need, never to the network—so even if an attacker gets in, they can't move laterally to steal or encrypt data.

Ransomware defense from ThreatLabz
Ransomware defense from ThreatLabz

Ransomware defense from ThreatLabz

Our 150+ member Zscaler ThreatLabz research team protects Zscaler customers with 250,000+ daily security updates, in-depth tracking of nation-state actors and IOCs, analysis of 300 billion daily transactions, insightful reports, and industry intelligence sharing.

How the Zero Trust Exchange excels in ransomware protection

Legacy Approach
Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange
Full TLS/SSL Inspection

Zero-Day Threat Protection

Instantly Shared Protections

Secure Remote Access

Inline Browser Isolation

Integrated Advanced Threat Protection

Cloud-Gen Firewall

Blocking of Workload-to-Internet C2 Communication

Legacy Approach
Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange
User-to-App Segmentation

App-to-App Segmentation

Active Defense

Legacy Approach
Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange
Improved Data Visibility in TLS/SSL

Secure Data in Motion

Secure Data at Rest in Cloud Apps

Software Verification to Reduce Risk

dots pattern
Preventing Ransomware Risk
UK / Food, Beverage / Sites in 7 countries

Baker & Baker Boosts Enterprise Security Nearly 90%

Replacing firewall and VPN slashed ransomware, improved application performance and employee productivity, reduced risks, and saved 70% on costs.

Preventing Ransomware Risk
EMEA / Manufacturing / 31K employees in 40 countries

Hydro’s Focus on Ransomware Prevention

“Prior to implementing Zscaler, we averaged about 10 ransomware incidents per month … in the weeks and months immediately following the deployment, there were zero.”

Preventing Ransomware Risk
North America / Financial Services and Insurance

Mercury Financial Improves Security and Efficiency

Since deploying Zscaler, Mercury Financial has had zero downtime due to malware or ransomware.


Ransomware risk calculator

Learn the average cost of a breach based on your industry and size—and the tangible cost reduction you could realize with Zscaler ransomware protection.

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Use cases

Advances in Ransomware and How to Defend Against Them-watch-zscaler-ondemand-webinar

Advances in Ransomware and How to Defend Against Them

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Hydro Aluminum Boosts Ransomware Protection with the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

Hydro Aluminum Boosts Ransomware Protection with the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

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Explore the Advanced Ransomware Attack Chain with Zscaler CISO Deepen Desais

Explore the Advanced Ransomware Attack Chain with Zscaler CISO Deepen Desai

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Reimagining Ransomware Defense with Zero Trust

Reimagining Ransomware Defense with Zero Trust

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Learn about the four stages of a ransomware attack and how Zscaler prevents attacks at each stage.

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