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Data Protection

Network engineers and security engineers

Course Summary

This course is designed to introduce you to data protection basics and the Zscaler Data Protection suite. You’ll learn about the data protection landscape and the different types of threats to data, how to protect against data exfiltration, how to identify the components of Zscaler Data Protection, and best practice configurations.

If you’re new to Zscaler, we recommend starting with our Zscaler for Users series first.



Learning Outcomes
Recognize why a new data protection approach is needed and how Zscaler works to provide it through the Zero Trust Exchange
Identify the services Zscaler has in place to protect data in motion and at rest
Understand how to manage data protection incidents in the Zscaler admin portal
Discover how to configure Zscaler Data Protection services and capabilities

Course Outline


  • Zscaler Data Protection platform
  • Data Protection services use cases

Protection for data in motion

Inline data protection

  • Cloud DLP
  • Endpoint DLP
  • Email DLP
  • DLP for private apps


Data loss prevention


  • Inline CASB
  • Isolation proxy
  • Out-of-band CASB
  • SaaS security posture management


Comprehensive and risk-aware services

Out-of-band data protection and SSPM

  • Data security for data at rest
  • Out-of-band CASB
  • SaaS security posture management

Incident management using Zscaler Workflow Automation (ZWA)

  • Data protection services incident management
  • Streamline incident control with ZWA

Hands-On Lab Details


Zscaler for Users - Data Protection (EDU-220) self paced e-learning course




Practice what you learned in training using our remote lab. You’ll configure context-based data protection, protect data in motion, protect data at rest, and manage incidents with Zscaler Workflow Automation (ZWA).


Self-paced hands-on lab

Completion criteria

Completing all hands-on labs

Available language(s)


Price per seat

US$600 (2 credits)

Certificate Exam Details


Data Protection hands-on labs


45 minutes

Test format

20 multiple-choice questions

Available language(s)


Price per attempt

US$300 (1 credit)

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