The AI Data Protection Platform

Harness the power of AI to discover, identify, and secure all your data
Data Protection, Evolved
Bring together everything you need to effectively secure your data in the industry-leading data protection platform
Unified protection everywhere
Unified protection everywhere

Secure all structured and unstructured data with one powerful DLP engine, extending across web, endpoints, email, SaaS, IaaS, private apps, and BYOD.

Integrated DSPM and SSPM
Integrated DSPM and SSPM

Unify SaaS and IaaS data protection together with centralized DLP so protection teams enjoy one policy to secure all data, everywhere.

AI auto data discovery
AI auto data discovery

Leverage the power of AI to get instant data visibility and classification out of the box across endpoint, inline, and cloud data.

Secure GenAI app usage
Secure GenAI app usage

Say yes to generative AI apps with innovations that deliver complete control over AI app data risks, down to input prompt level visibility.

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Experience better data protection

Learn about innovations that deliver unified posture management across IaaS and SaaS, empower safer usage of GenAI, and expand protections across data detection and response (DDR) and data lineage.

Experience better data protection
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Zscaler Data Protection can save $2.1 million annually

Innovation Technical Breakouts

AI and data protection

See our innovative approach to AI auto data discovery, and learn how GenAI security delivers better control over usage of risky AI apps.

Integrated DSPM

Get a closer look at how our data security posture management solution fits perfectly into your data protection program.

Unified SaaS Security

See our vision for unified SaaS security posture management (SSPM) come to life in this engaging discussion and UI walkthrough.

Real-Time Email DLP

See how our new Email DLP helps organizations more effectively secure corporate email and data while retiring legacy point products.

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See how Zscaler’s innovations in AI data security stop data loss more effectively than ever before