Branch Connectivity Starts With Zero

Adopt zero trust to secure communications for branch users, workloads, and devices with any destination—and without VPNs or complex networking.


Secure branch connectivity from any location to any destination

Move past VPNs and legacy network security tools with direct-to-cloud and internet connectivity that’s simpler and more secure.

Whether you’re connecting a branch of one, such as a remote user in a Starbucks, or a larger branch with many users, workloads, and devices, or a complex group of branches with SD-WANs, Zscaler ensures that every user, device, and workload gains secure, direct access to any cloud destination or internet application. With Zscaler, you’ll have the confidence of zero trust security that is consistently and automatically applied to every communication.

Zero Trust Exchange diagram

Zero trust connectivity for any type of branch

Zscaler secures all connectivity, from a small branch of one to a large, complex branch of many.

Branch of one

Branch of one

Internet (WFA, remote)

Secures user access to the internet, SaaS, and private applications.

Internet-only branch

Internet-only branch


Secures access for users and workloads to the internet, SaaS, and private applications.

Hybrid branch

Hybrid branch


Secures access for users, workloads, and IoT to internet, SaaS, and private apps. Supports MPLS and integrates with SD-WANs.


The need to transform from legacy networking to modern branch connectivity

Full-mesh VPNs, WAN extensions, and legacy network security replicated in every branch increases the network attack surface, allowing threats to move laterally, and makes operations more complex. Zscaler’s new approach overcomes these limitations.

Eliminate the attack surface

Connect branch users and workloads directly to apps or the internet; there’s no need for VPNs that connect networks to each other, increasing the risk of lateral threat movement from one branch to another branch, cloud, or data center.

Eliminate the attack surface

Prevent lateral movement of threats across environments

Improve user experience

Provide direct-to-cloud and internet connectivity to apps, such as Microsoft 365, without complex networking, routing, or security gateways that get in the way. All communications take the shortest path to the application or internet destination.

Improve user experience

Direct internet connections to apps, such as Microsoft 365

Reduce costs

Eliminate legacy, appliance-based networking products and the need to over-provision services, which increase deployment and operational costs. Zscaler reduces costs by replacing expensive legacy networking and security products, and reducing MPLS use.

Reduce costs

Eliminate legacy networking products and reduce MPLS costs

Branch connectivity powered by the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange reimagines branch connectivity to eliminate the attack surface risk and the complexity caused legacy networking and VPNs. Now, branch users, workloads, and devices get consistent, zero trust security as they’re directly connected to any destination without being placed on the the network. Access, DLP, and threat protection are enforced using simple business policies for branch connectivity that’s easy to deploy, operates at hyper-scale, and features high availability, all while reducing costs.

Three opposing tenets

Branch connectivity with Zscaler

Secure access for users, workloads, and devices to the internet and multicloud applications with zero trust connectivity from Zscaler.

Zscaler Internet Access

Zscaler Internet Access

Secure user and workload access to the internet with built-in services including URL filtering, SSL inspection, and more.

Zscaler Private Access

Zscaler Private Access

Seamlessly enable users and workloads to access private applications running on public clouds or within data centers.

Workload communications

Workload communications

Enable simple and secure workload-to-workload connectivity across environments with streamlined policy management and full visibility.

SD-WAN partners

SD-WAN partners

 Integrated with Zscaler, SD-WAN partner solutions provide comprehensive security, visibility, control, and data protection for users going directly to the internet from the branch. 

Zscaler partners with leading SD-WAN providers

Zero-touch API integrations increase agility, decrease costs, and improve user experience—without compromising security.

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AutoNation’s drive to the cloud: secured by Zscaler

Hear how agility is fueling AutoNation’s rapid growth.

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Zscaler and Aruba Enable Better Security, Performance, and User Access for Nuffield Health

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