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Simplify Vulnerability Management

Move from a complex, agent-based vulnerability scanning model to a robust and scalable agentless approach with Posture Control™

Incomplete vulnerability management leaves you exposed

Lack of visibility and control
Lack of visibility and control

The growing adoption of cloud services and multicloud deployments presents a visibility and control challenge for security teams tasked with mitigating vulnerabilities and maintaining compliance.

Exploitable security weaknesses
Exploitable security weaknesses

Attackers exploit unpatched vulnerabilities to spread malware, ransomware, and more. Without proactive vulnerability management, you’re left with unknown and uncontrolled risk and noncompliance.

Missing context
Missing context

While they contend with a high volume of low-risk alerts and missing risk context, security and operations teams often struggle to effectively prioritize and address critical vulnerabilities.

Limitations of agent-based solutions
Limitations of agent-based solutions

Deploying security agents is resource-intensive, and you may meet internal resistance because agents can hamper application performance, overwhelm compute resources, and increase your cost of ownership.

New challenges require new solutions

With automated and dynamic cloud platforms and services, a growing number of vulnerabilities, and an evolving attack surface, traditional agent-based vulnerability management programs simply don’t work anymore.

Security teams need a robust platform that:

  • Balances the “security vs. agility” of cloud native environments
  • Prioritizes based on risk rather than generic severity/criticality scores
  • Works seamlessly with cloud services
  • Provides the right remediation at the right time, in the right workflows

Introducing Posture Control

Agentless vulnerability scanning for cloud applications

Posture Control puts every vulnerability in context with agentless, snapshot-based scanning for containers and VM workloads, assessing risk by combining vulnerability severity with infrastructure configurations, accessibility of sensitive data, external exposure, entitlements and permissions granted, and more.

That means your security team can focus on far fewer vulnerabilities and address real business risks instead of wasting time on vulnerabilities attackers aren’t likely to exploit.

As a comprehensive cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP), Posture Control secures cloud infrastructure, sensitive data, and native applications deployed across multicloud environments while reducing complexity and enabling security teams to more effectively collaborate with development and DevOps.

According to Gartner, by 2023, more than 70% of enterprise DevSecOps initiatives will have incorporated automated security vulnerability and configuration scanning for open source components and commercial packages. 

Unique vulnerability scanning capabilities in Posture Control


Take an agentless approach

  • Get broader security coverage and full-stack visibility, with 100% agentless solution, across AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure 
  • Deploy in minutes with read-only access to cover VMs, containers, and serverless as well as all cloud infrastructure resources to build a complete risk profile
  • Uncover known vulnerabilities and important risks with continuous snapshot-based scanning for workloads and containers—without impacting performance or compute resources
  • Prioritize remediation steps with the help of rich visualization, context, and reporting about the severity of each vulnerability and impacted repositories


Uncover critical risks

  • Track, measure, and predict real-world vulnerabilities and exploit activity
  • Correlate detected vulnerabilities with CVEs and Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) scores defined in the National Vulnerability Database (NVD)
  • Prioritize high-risk vulnerabilities with a risk score based on exploitability, severity, affected assets, and impacted repositories
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities most likely to be exploited in the near future and prevent new vulnerabilities from developing, minimizing the attack surface
  • Reduce alert fatigue, eliminate data silos, save time, and ease investigation and remediation efforts


Find what you can’t see 

  • Detect security risks at the cloud infrastructure, OS, application and data layers of your AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Extend 100% coverage to cloud infrastructure assets, including VMs, containers, serverless, and all cloud infrastructure resources like storage buckets, security groups, VPCs, IAM roles and permissions, etc.
  • Scan Linux operating system packages and application/language-specific packages: 
  • Amazon Linux
  • SUSE
  • Red Hat
  • Ubuntu
  • Alpine
  • Oracle Linux
  • Java (POM/JAR)
  • Python


Get real-time risk intelligence

  • Leverage near-real-time visibility into known vulnerabilities on critical assets, public exposures, noncompliant deployments, and misconfigured resources
  • View and prioritize critical issues identified in the cloud environment in an actionable, dedicated dashboard

Power up your vulnerability management process



Deploy Posture Control in minutes for comprehensive coverage without agents or infrastructure changes



Consolidate your security stack, reduce costs, and cut the complexity of multiple point products, consoles, integrations, and resources



Balance security and agility with a cloud native solution—secure infrastructure, apps, and data with one frictionless platform

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