Secure Your Users

Fast, secure, and reliable access to apps and internet from anywhere

Zscaler for Users connects users to applications, applies advanced cyberthreat and data protection policies, and optimizes digital experience for a secure hybrid workforce


Traditional solutions fail to enable a hybrid workforce

Powering a secure, user-focused hybrid workforce calls for flexibility to support employees and third parties wherever they work, on whatever devices they use. It prioritizes a user experience that offers fast, secure, and reliable access to apps and data, without compromises—a solution that scales with the business and protects data at all costs.
With yesterday’s network and security technologies, none of that is possible.

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Reduce business risk
Reduce business risk

Apply zero trust principles as well as AI-powered cyberthreat and data protection capabilities to reduce the attack surface, prevent compromise, halt lateral movement, and stop data loss

Improve productivity
Improve productivity

Enable fast, secure, and seamless access to apps for employees and third parties from anywhere, with the visibility and control to optimize their digital experience from device to ISP to cloud proxy to app and back without the need for VPNs, firewalls, or siloed management tools

Lower cost and complexity
Lower cost and complexity

Eliminate legacy security and networking technology costs, including VPNs, firewalls, and the additional overhead that comes with keeping them up to date

What’s Inside

Zscaler for Users

Zscaler for Users comprises three areas of functionality to improve security, data protection, and digital experiences, all powered by the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™:
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Secure Internet & SaaS Access (ZIA)
Provide users with fast, secure, and reliable internet and SaaS access while protecting against advanced threats and data loss.
Secure Private App Access (ZPA)
Connect users seamlessly and securely to private apps, services, and OT devices with the industry’s only next-gen zero trust network access (ZTNA) platform.
Digital User Experience (ZDX)
Monitor digital experiences from the end user’s perspective to optimize performance and rapidly fix application, network, and device issues.
The impact of true zero trust, as told by Zscaler customers
The impact of true zero trust, as told by Zscaler customers

The impact of true zero trust, as told by Zscaler customers

Thousands of successful transformation journeys all began with one foundation.

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Transportation Services / 80,000+ employees / 350+ locations worldwide

United Airlines detects and blocks evolving threats with Zscaler

Energy, Oil, Gas & MIning / 27,000+ employees / 550+ facilities

NOV delivers zero trust access with Zscaler

This 150-year-old oil and gas equipment company used Zscaler Private Access to enable zero trust for more than 7,000 apps and 10,000 users.

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Agriculture & Forestry / 500+ locations across 40 US states and Ontario

GROWMARK leverages Zscaler and AWS to help keep North American food production secure

Cushman & Wakefield
Real Estate Services / 400 offices / 60 countries

Real estate in the cloud: How Cushman & Wakefield landed secure SD-WAN with Aruba and Zscaler

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