Connect Your Workforce to Business Apps from Any Device or Location

Zscaler Client Connector enables hybrid work with fast, secure, reliable access to apps from millions of devices worldwide.

Secure remote access in the mobile world

Modern users are connecting to work from laptops, smartphones, tablets, POS systems, and even RF scanners, and they may not be behind your on-premises firewalls. Wherever they are and whatever device they're using, your remote users still need the same fast, seamless access to business-critical applications in your data center and the cloud.

Your IT team faces a challenge here: Provide the flexibility your remote workers need to stay productive, and at the same time, improve security and increase visibility into what users are accessing. In short, you need to take a modern approach to fast, secure connectivity.

Secure remote access in the mobile world

Zscaler Client Connector

Included as part of Zscaler Internet Access® and Zscaler Private Access®, Zscaler Client Connector™ is a lightweight app that sits on users' endpoints—corporate-managed laptops and mobile devices, BYOD, POS systems, and more—and enforces security policies and access controls regardless of device, location, or application. The app forwards traffic to the closest Zscaler service edge, where the traffic is routed to the internet, a SaaS application, or an internal application through the appropriate zero trust service.

With the integrated Zscaler Digital Experience® service, IT administrators can get valuable insight into business app, network, and device performance.

a diagram showing that Zscaler Client Connector automatically forwards user traffic to the Zscaler cloud and ensures that security and access policies are enforced, regardless of device, location, or application

Benefits of Zscaler Client Connector

One app for all your zero trust network access needs

Auto-route traffic for a seamless user experience and easier IT

By default, the app routes mobile traffic through the Zscaler cloud (by default) for secure access and optimal routing, with no virtual private network (VPN) to spin up. The app also integrates with identity and multifactor authentication (MFA) providers, and it can detect trusted networks and captive portals to prioritize the user experience.

Support all the devices your business needs

Zscaler Client Connector supports most device types, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets, and runs on iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, CentOS, and Ubuntu 20.04.

Use device posture and fingerprinting for context-aware access and security

Through integration with endpoint security providers, the app can enforce context-aware security that ensures devices are mapped to specific users based on criteria like device model, platform, and operating system. Security remains intact even in the event of credential or device theft.

Easily enforce enrollment to stay secure

IT can require enrollment of user devices prior to accessing apps. It can prevent users from turning off the app to ensure all mobile traffic is secure.

Gain more visibility with an intuitive dashboard

The Zscaler Client Connector portal allows administrators to view data for remote devices with the app deployed as well as manage policies specifically for the app.

Make deployment almost invisible to users

Easily deploy Zscaler Client Connector on endpoints to minimize user friction with MDM, Microsoft Intune, LDAP, or ADFS. Silent deployment auto-installs client and TLS/SSL certificates onto devices during enrollment.

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See how Client Connector secures traffic for 10,000 users at NOV.

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Zscaler Client Connector combines secure internet and private access for 5,000 users at MAN Energy Solutions

An inside view of Client Connector

Comprehensive Insight

IT gains visibility into all user and device activity with Zscaler’s user-friendly admin portal. A greater level of visibility means better insights for the IT teams and better security for the business.

Comprehensive Insight

Granular Control

Capabilities like device fingerprinting and device posture strengthen IT's management and control, allowing your IT team to better protect devices and data.

Seamless Experience

Seamless Experience

Client connector is simple for IT to deploy and easy for users to use. With Client Connector, workplace disruptions caused by constant logins are eliminated, simplifying the access to business-critical applications.

Granular Control

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