Zscaler Client Connector

Securely connect users to any app from any device or location

Zscaler Client Connector™ is a lightweight agent for user endpoints, enabling hybrid work through secure, fast, reliable access to any app over any network.

Why It’s Important

A mobile world needs secure remote access

Users now work from anywhere, and require seamless access to websites, SaaS apps, and private apps, whether in the cloud or a data center. To help workforces be productive and secure, organizations need to retire network-centric solutions in favor of simpler, safer, zero trust connectivity.

Architecture Matters

Secure digital transformation requires zero trust architecture

Firewall-and-VPN architectures connect users to the network for security and connectivity—even remote workers accessing cloud apps. This slows productivity and increases the risk of lateral threat movement on the network.

Client Connector is a lightweight agent that encrypts and forwards user traffic to the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, the world’s largest inline security cloud, which acts as an intelligent switchboard to securely connect users directly to applications.

transform your architecture zero trust
The Zscaler Difference
What sets Client Connector apart?
security access
Security for any access

Client Connector facilitates seamless zero trust connectivity to the internet, SaaS applications, and private apps in the cloud and the data center.

security for any device
Security for any user device

Client Connector supports laptops, smartphones, and tablets, and runs on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and ChromeOS.

protection for endpoint data
Protection for endpoint data

Zscaler Endpoint DLP uses Client Connector to stop data loss via leakage channels such as removable storage, printing, and personal cloud storage.

ux monitoring
User experience monitoring

Zscaler Digital Experience (ZDX) leverages Client Connector to gain valuable insight into app, network, and device performance, accelerating issue resolution.

cybercriminal deception
Cybercriminal deception

Zscaler Deception uses Client Connector to deploy decoy passwords, cookies, sessions, and app bookmarks on endpoints, luring attackers.

The benefits of using Client Connector
Reduced risk
Reduced risk

Leverage zero trust connectivity, decoys that lure and detect sophisticated threats, and endpoint data loss prevention (DLP).

reduce cost icon
Reduced cost and complexity

Eliminate disjointed tools and agents for VPN, NAC, and endpoint DLP, as well as standalone SWG, CASB, and ZTNA.

enhance productivity icon
Enhanced productivity

Direct-to-app connectivity, intelligent traffic routing, and digital experience monitoring enhance user experiences.

rapid frictionless deployment
Rapid, frictionless deployment

Quickly deploy the agent via Microsoft Intune, other MDM, LDAP, or ADFS; silently auto-install client and TLS/SSL certificates onto devices.

strict enforcement
Strict enforcement

Require device enrollment for users to access apps; automatically stop users from turning off Client Connector to maintain security.

edr integration
Integration with EDR

Integrate with endpoint security providers like CrowdStrike, Microsoft, and VMware Carbon Black to inform policy with additional device context.

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