Secure Your OT and IoT

Zscaler for IoT and OT enables smarter, safer, and more efficient factories

Zscaler for IoT and OT enables plant operators to increase uptime, improve people and plant safety, and enable new business models by securing OT environments against cyberthreats.


Cyberattacks are leading to unplanned downtime and risking people and plant safety. Plants and factories are becoming increasingly connected, and plant operations now have to account for cyber-physical risks. 



Boost uptime and productivity

Fully isolated connectivity for third parties and employees provides fast access to equipment for predictive maintenance, minimizing downtime.


Increase people and plant safety

OT networks and systems are made invisible to the internet so attackers can’t disrupt production lines.


Ensure a seamless and reliable experience

Remote workers and third-party vendors can access OT systems without the hassle associated with traditional VPN.

Secure your OT and IoT systems with the Zero Trust Exchange

Zero Trust Architecture


Use cases


Privileged access to OT systems

Empower third-party vendors and remote users to connect to equipment from any location through clientless remote access with fully isolated RDP and SSH sessions.


Secure internet communications for OT and IoT

Enable IIoT, ICS, and SCADA systems to securely share operational and maintenance data with public cloud applications over the internet.


Secure access to production applications

Make predictive maintenance easier by providing workers and devices with fast, direct access to OT production systems from the factory floor.


Device-to-public-cloud access

Securely connect OT and IoT devices in branches and warehouses to applications in the public or private cloud.


Active defenses for ICS and SCADA

Protect production lines by detecting and containing active attackers attempting to infiltrate critical infrastructure.

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Coats to Power IT and OT Security with Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange for Industry 5.0 Transformation

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Man Energy Solutions Enables Network and Application Transformation with Zscaler

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Kubota Australia Enables Infrastructure-less Warehouses with Zscaler

Experience the power of the Zero Trust Exchange

Zscaler Platform Functionality - Comprehensive cloud platform to eliminate multiple point products and reduce operational overhead

Cyberthreat Protection

Holistic approach to securing users, workloads, and devices

  • Minimize the attack surface
  • AI-powered advanced threat protection
  • Deception, isolation, and more

Zero Trust Connectivity

Connect to apps, not networks, to prevent lateral movement (ZTNA)

  • Branch/Factory connectivity
  • Multicloud connectivity
  • Segmentation (users, apps)

Data Protection

Holistic approach to prevent data loss (inline, out-of-band)

  • Secure IaaS, PaaS (CNAPP)
  • Secure SaaS data (CASB, SSPM)
  • Advanced data classification and controls

Digital Experience Management

Identify and resolve performance issues

  • End-to-end monitoring (endpoint, network, app)
  • UCaaS monitoring (Zoom, Teams, more)

Securely connects authorized users, devices, and workloads using business policies

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