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Secure Your
IoT and OT

Zero trust connectivity for IoT devices and OT systems

Zscaler for IoT and OT enables organizations to reduce risk and enable secure IoT and OT adoption to increase productivity and business agility.


A complete platform to serve your whole organization

IoT Device Visibility

Complete visibility of all IoT devices, servers, and unmanaged user devices across your business

Privileged Access to OT Systems

Secure third-party vendor and remote user connectivity to OT equipment from any location

IoT and OT Device Communications

Simple, direct, secure access for devices to the internet, other devices, and private applications


Traditional solutions fail to protect IoT and OT devices

As businesses become increasingly connected to enable visibility, they must prioritize secure connectivity and access to IoT and OT devices. The vast majority of these devices were not designed with security in mind, leaving the businesses using them more vulnerable to attack.  Therefore, protecting valuable IoT and OT assets in offices, factories, and branch or retail locations is imperative to enable a safe, secure, and productive work environment—but this is impossible using yesterday’s network and security technologies.

Improve plant and people safety

Direct connectivity with inline zero trust security makes it fast for users and vendors to connect to and repair equipment, minimizing downtime.

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Reduce business risk

Apply zero trust principles, AI-powered IoT visibility, cyberthreat protection, and privileged access capabilities to reduce the attack surface, prevent compromise, halt lateral movement, and stop ransomware.

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Lower operational complexity

Eliminate the costs of legacy security and networking technology, including VPNs and privileged access management (PAM) solutions, firewalls, and the added overhead that comes with keeping them up to date.

What’s Inside

Zscaler for IoT and OT

Zscaler for IoT and OT comprises three areas of functionality to improve security, productivity, and digital experiences, all powered by the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™:
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Discover your IoT devices
AI/ML discovery and classification and continuous monitoring provide insight into your IoT landscape, so you can protect your business against threats targeting IoT.
Secure IoT and OT connectivity
IoT devices and OT systems are hidden from the internet through inside-out zero trust connections, so assets cannot be discovered or exploited by bad actors.
Remove vendor risk
Clientless access from users web browsers makes it easy for remote workers as well as third-party vendors and contractors to access OT systems without the friction of conventional VPN.

ThreatLabz 2023 Enterprise IoT & OT Threat Report

The latest insights on IoT and OT threats and best practices to protect your organization

Use Cases

Built to solve any challenge

deliver comprehensive iot device visibility

Eliminate IoT blind spots, reduce administrative burden, and provide a complete picture of your IoT landscape.

protect ot environments against cyberthreats

Enable smarter, safer, and more efficient industrial operations while providing seamless access to OT systems, increasing plant uptime, and improving people safety.

secure iot ot device connectivity

Protect IoT devices, segment sensitive OT production environments, and prevent business disruption without firewall/VPN sprawl.

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Customer Success Stories
Manufacturing / 35,000 employees / 160 dealerships

Kubota Australia enables infrastructure-less warehouses with Zscaler

Customer Success Stories
Manufacturing / 360,000 employees / 192 countries

Siemens kick-starts digital transformation by becoming a true zero trust enterprise

Customer Success Stories
Manufacturing / 12,000 users / 100+ locations

Man Energy Solutions enables network and application transformation with Zscaler

Customer Success Stories
Manufacturing / 19,000 employees / 50 countries

Coats extends zero trust to its OT environment

Tractor on a field
Siemens kick starts digital transformation
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