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Full Cloud Ahead: A Journey to Zenith Live 2021

April 06, 2021 - 3 min read

When I joined Zscaler last fall, the company was in the final few days before launching its first all-virtual Zenith Live Cloud Summit. It was an enormous undertaking, and dozens of people had worked for months to make it a dynamic experience, in spite of its being virtual, with compelling speakers and material that attendees would find truly useful. I pretty much arrived at Zscaler just in time to turn on my monitor, enter the virtual conference hall, and tune in. In session after session, I learned so much about the company, the market, and, above all, the realities that Zscaler customers are contending with in the real world, along with their vast community of enterprise CIOs, CISOs, and IT professionals at all levels.

There was something else we all learned last fall: with nearly 14,000 people registered for Zenith Live, it was clear that there’s an ongoing thirst for information. That’s why I’m so excited to announce that we will be hosting an all-new virtual Zenith Live this June. This event will be focused on using zero trust as the foundation for accelerating secure business transformation and fueling your company’s growth at cloud speed.

AMERICAS |  June 15–16 

EUROPE | June 16–17 

ASIA-PACIFIC | June 22–23

Since our very first conference in Las Vegas, Zenith Live has always been dedicated to secure transformation and, though we’ll miss meeting everyone in person, this year’s event will be no different. But for most organizations, transformation is well underway. With the widespread use of SaaS and the migration of private apps to public clouds, more business traffic is destined for the cloud than the data center. And starting in 2020, with the remote workforce going from the exception to the rule, most user traffic is being routed over the internet, not the corporate LAN or WAN.

As this transformation has accelerated, organizations have begun to realize the promise of the cloud, achieving greater resiliency and flexibility, unprecedented productivity and collaboration, and better customer outcomes. But companies that continue to rely on legacy networking and security solutions are holding up progress, hindering their IT leadership teams’ ability to speed innovation, create new revenue streams, and drive the business forward. We believe that transformation is a business imperative, and its benefits can’t wait, so for Zenith Live 2021, the theme is Full Cloud Ahead.

What does it mean to go full cloud ahead? It means leaving behind the technologies of the past that are making you vulnerable to attack and that frustrate users with poor performance and dropped connections. It means simplifying your infrastructure and taking advantage of powerful business enablers, such as big data, artificial intelligence, IoT and OT, and machine learning. And for most, it also means greater efficiency and reduced costs. The key to going full cloud ahead is to build on a true zero trust strategy that secures every connection using business policies. At Zenith Live, we’ll be presenting recent innovations in our Zero Trust Exchange platform that will accelerate your transformation with expanded capabilities and greater automation.

At Zenith Live, you’ll hear how leading organizations are enabling zero trust right now to achieve their business goals. Learn about trends and innovations during keynotes, panel discussions, and fireside chats with industry leaders. Choose from more than 50 technical sessions and bring real solutions to your organization through architecture workshops and expert-led training. I’m looking forward to being a part of all of it and I hope you will, too.

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