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[Infographic] Cyber Monday Shopping Doubles on Corporate Networks (and Black Friday and Prime Day Aren’t Far Behind)

November 28, 2017 - 2 min read


As workers returned to work after the Thanksgiving holiday, it was clear they were ready to get back to business - the business of online shopping. Cyber Monday shopping at work doubled from 2016 to 2017 according to data sourced from the Zscaler network.

On a typical day in 2017, about 1.4% of traffic on the Zscaler network is shopping related. This year, Cyber Monday generated more than double that average at 2.45% of total traffic. This was more than double the average and peak traffic of 2016 which was 0.8% on average  and 1.4% on Cyber Monday 2016.

Shoppers didn’t wait for Cyber Monday to cash in on online deals this season. According to data sourced from the Zscaler network, Black Friday shopping traffic among our millions of  corporate and educational users and students was higher than Cyber Monday as a percentage of total traffic.

It’s possible that shoppers were browsing not buying, but as retailers put their Black Friday deals online, it’s clear that the urge to shop online isn’t waiting until the end of the weekend.  

Not only were more corporate workers shopping online on the day after Thanksgiving, they were three times as likely to be shopping on Amazon over the next closest retailer eBay and nearly ten times more likely than the third place site, Kohls.

In fact, Amazon so dominates the online shopping landscape that Prime day drives almost as much traffic as all of Cyber Monday shopping traffic. Prime day cashed in at 2.42% of total traffic on in the Zscaler cloud, just 5% off Cyber Monday showing the complete dominance Amazon has in eCommerce.

 It should be noted, that shopping doesn’t always equate to buying, and traffic is not necessarily an indicator of sales, but figures provided by the National Retail Federation quote “58 million [of consumers] shopped only online, and over 51 million shopped only in stores" showing the prominent place online shopping has claimed in our holiday traditions.

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