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One True Zero Live shows the way to holistic transformation


As this year’s One True Zero Live Roadshow travels across Europe, the community will once again come together to discuss the versatility of a zero trust-based IT infrastructure. As companies move to increasingly decentralized IT environments, they can no longer avoid modern security architectures if they want to safely exploit the full potential of their digitization and feel the many benefits of zero trust beyond strengthening security.

More than 90 percent of IT decision makers who have migrated their applications to the cloud are already adopting or about to adopt a zero trust-based security strategy this year, according to Zscaler’s 2023 Global State of Zero Trust Transformation Survey. However, less than a quarter (22 percent) of respondents are entirely convinced that their company is exploiting the full potential of its cloud infrastructure. This difference showcases the value of thinking beyond the security aspect. The concept of zero trust, based on the NIST framework, offers many more possibilities for a holistic digitization process. A cloud-based security platform creates the basis for secure data streams between human, machine and application, whereby only authorized connections are explicitly permitted. The company thus makes itself invisible to attackers.

On the agenda: education & exchange of experience

Zero trust already ranks high on the agenda of IT decision makers, but there is still no unified understanding of its fundamental principles and versatile application scenarios. To address this, the One True Zero Live keynote will review the basics of the holistic concept and explain what to look for in order to mitigate risk through a comprehensive security strategy that should include workloads and OT environments in addition to users.

The exchange of experiences is also a central focus of the event – to give those considering making the shift to secure digitization built on zero trust the opportunity to gain valuable insights from those who have already successfully done so. As transformation strategists, former Zscaler customers will accompany prospects on their journey to redesign their digital infrastructure. During the discussion, ideas are exchanged on how the zero trust concept can be extended to other areas – offering new insights to both, participants with deep existing knowledge and companies that are dealing with the concept for the first time. At different locations customers join the panel discussion on stage to share their journeys.

For the technical deep dive sessions, the focus will be on how critical infrastructures and hybrid workloads can be efficiently secured with the help of zero trust. As the latest analysis by the ThreatLabz team in the State of Cloud (In)Security Report shows, 98 percent of the companies surveyed are at risk from misconfigurations in cloud environments or offer an unnecessarily large attack surface for intruders due to extensive access permissions. In addition, 68 percent of the companies surveyed have external users with administrator rights accessing cloud environments, which can lead to governance challenges and an increased risk of data exfiltration and infection. These figures show that companies need to be more aware of the responsibility for configuring and maintaining their own cloud environment securely and cannot shift the task of security to the service provider.

Key take-aways for decision-makers

One True Zero Live provides an invaluable forum for interested parties planning their first steps towards a zero trust strategy, as well as for users who are already on this path and are looking for further inspiration. Business leaders know that digital transformation isn't just about moving applications to the cloud. They have the foresight to recognize that the network and its security also need to be transformed so that the company can realize the full potential of digitization. For this reason, organizations dealing with the provision of new hybrid work environments and digitized production infrastructures are already evaluating a number of new technologies such as IoT/OT, 5G and even the Metaverse.

A zero trust platform has the potential to map the associated requirements for the business and organizational infrastructure: Such an approach not only enables companies to adopt the hybrid working model demanded by employees, but also to transition into fully digitized organizations with increased agility and efficiency built on future-proof infrastructure. It also highlights the untapped potential of zero trust to secure a  holistic transformation.

Are you ready for a new experience? Reserve your seat at the One True Zero roadshow in London and Madrid!

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