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Reflections on Zenith Live Las Vegas

September 20, 2019 - 5 min read

Zenith Live, the Zscaler Cloud Summit, is the highlight of the year for me. There’s nothing I enjoy more than meeting with customers and hearing first-hand their accounts of the challenges they face and their experiences on the front lines of IT transformation.

Customers who attend Zenith Live encompass a wide array of networking and security professionals, architects, directors, CISOs, and CIOs. No matter what title they hold, all are working to move their organizations to a more productive and secure digital future. The Zscaler community at Zenith Live equips them with professional guidance and expertise to help them on their digital transformation journeys. 

Zenith Live also gives us the opportunity to showcase new Zscaler services and technology innovations. At this week’s Zenith Live event in Las Vegas, we introduced solutions that provide an unparalleled customer experience, while delivering unmatched reliability, availability, and scalability in the cloud. These announcements included:

  • The Expansion of Zscaler’s Global Data Centers
    The Zscaler cloud is now distributed across more than 150 data centers, with our latest data center opening in Val-de-Reuil, Normandy, France. In just the past four quarters, we opened a total of 17 new data centers around the globe, empowering enterprises to accelerate their cloud adoption securely, regardless of geography. We’ve also upgraded to the new data center 4.0 design (the fourth-generation data center), featuring redundant multi-terabit cores. On top of that, we added 1.5 terabits per second capacity to our cloud.
  • Zscaler B2B: Enabling Direct, Fast, and Secure Access for B2B Applications 
    Built with the fundamentals of a service-initiated zero trust network access (ZTNA) architecture, Zscaler B2B enables authorized customers to access applications, based on business policy, without ever exposing the apps to the internet where they can be attacked. With Zscaler B2B, customers or partners coming to your B2B portals can have direct and fast access without the need for agents on their end-point or the deployment of complex security technologies.

    We also previewed innovations like Zscaler Digital Experience. The Zscaler Digital Experience provides extraordinary visibility into exactly what is going on at every point between a user’s device and an application’s front door, and can quickly pinpoint the source of any issues causing performance problems. It monitors the digital user experience to provide details on where the troubles are so you can deliver a consistently fast user experience. Zscaler Digital Experience complements application performance monitoring tools.

Understanding that Change is the Only Constant

At these events, we always learn so much from our customers. In discussing their challenges, a common theme was the need for a change in mindset — a cultural transformation. No matter how transformative a new technology may be, or the improvements it promises to bring to the business, the proper mindset is critical to its success. 

Often, the fear of failure is what causes people to stay where they are, to resist change. That’s one of the reasons why Zenith Live is so important for people on a transformation journey. It’s all new territory. Spending time with peers at similar points in the journey, learning from each other, and gaining insights from those who have successfully navigated a cloud transformation are instrumental in adopting a forward-thinking mindset. Zenith Live presented ample opportunities for such interactions with nearly 40 breakout sessions, as well as many informal meetings.

Fast, Secure and Reliable Data Access – Anywhere and Anytime

Organizations operating in a world with no walls need a way to connect users with the apps and data they need to do their jobs no matter where they happen to be sitting. At Zscaler, our mission is to enable them to do so securely. 

Our goal is to gain a zero-attack surface for everyone. If cyber-criminals can’t see you, they can’t attack you. Zscaler is committed to helping our customers reach a stage where they don’t have a single IP address facing the internet. 

Customer Satisfaction with Continued Performance Gains

Last but not least, it is personally gratifying for me to share how the Zscaler cloud continues to scale and perform beyond what we imagined more than ten years ago. The Zscaler cloud: 

  • Processes more than 70 billion transactions every day. For reference, Google performs about 7 billion searches per day.

  • Processed 718 petabytes of traffic over the past 12 months. That’s akin to every web page on the internet being scanned 70 times.

  • Processes more than 1 billion transactions from IoT devices each month. 

  • Has achieved some of the most rigorous certifications, including FedRAMP, SOC, ISO27001, and ISO27018. 

While impressive, the achievement I’m still most proud of is the quality of service we provide to customers. Despite our growing number of customers and ever-increasing traffic volume, the number of support tickets our customer support teams receive has steadily decreased. Delighting customers is our top priority.

I am proud of the continued commitment of our passionate workforce. In addition, we are privileged to have exceptional business and technology partners that make revolutionary solutions more accessible. Above all, I am grateful to our customers who are empowering their own organizations to move more securely to the digital future.

I am confident that Zscaler will fulfill its mission of a world where information can be accessed securely no matter where it lives and that we will get there together.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Zenith Live 2019 in Las Vegas. I look forward to the next Zenith Live in Lisbon.

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Jay Chaudhry is the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Zscaler.

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