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RSA Weather Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of fog

February 13, 2017 - 2 min read


For some, this image tells it all at RSA.  Beautiful architecture which simply fades into the foggy unknown.  However, for Zscaler customers and prospects, the Doppler is clear as it points us directly to the cloud for the this year’s RSA conference.

As we watch the Bay Area forecast in anticipation for RSA 2017, our radar is telling 2 very different stories.  The first, looks much like a fog as the conference will be riddled with the same old vendors, offerings and the same old appliances (yet telling you it’s new) to solve the same old point problems.  As we all know, if we continue down this path without embracing change and more important the new age of remote global worker, we’ll continue to bring a storm of challenges to IT which can only be solved with manpower and money.  Not exactly a combination any CFO or CIO cares to discuss.

The second and more compelling story is that of a complete Cloud Security Platform.  Yes, there are a few out there claiming to provide a “cloud” offering, however let’s call a spade a spade.  These companies are offering a foggy hybrid approach leveraging tools, band-aided together and sitting on the backbone of the same old boxes.  Zscaler, much like Salesforce, is a TRUE Cloud Security Platform.   

As shown below, the Bay Area forecast is a gorgeous view as we look UP to the cloud– the Zscaler cloud that is. So while you are walking around the showfloor at RSA, ask yourself, is this a true cloud solution or is it fog hiding outdated security architecture ​.


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