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See What Zscaler Has in Store for RSA

January 16, 2020 - 5 min read

The new year brings new possibilities, as well as the anticipation of discovering what’s in store for the coming year. Unfortunately, businesses today already know what’s coming: nastier malware, trickier social engineering techniques, larger and more destructive botnets, and possibly worse. With the growing number of remote employees, BYOD policies, and the migration of critical applications to the cloud, the potential attack surface continues to expand, putting companies at ever-greater risk.

However, security strategies based on a zero trust approach reduces the risk by keeping your data and apps hidden from cybercriminals. After all, you can’t attack what you can’t see.

Something you can see when you come to RSA is how Zscaler can help protect your organization from attacks, and you can discover how other organizations like yours are addressing security and network transformation for a cloud and mobile world. It’s all at RSA 2020, which will be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from February 24–28.  

RSA is the largest security conference by far, and the sheer variety of security topics and solutions on hand that purport to address cyberthreats are always interesting and thought-provoking. The theme of this year’s conference is “human element,” which fits perfectly with what we do at Zscaler. A critical element of any digital transformation is enhancing the user experience. Employees are accustomed to fast access to their favorite apps while at home and they expect the same experience at the office. Zscaler has helped thousands of organizations provide their employees with a fast and secure user experience. At the same time, we have empowered security and IT leaders with the knowledge and solutions they need to usher their organizations into a more agile and secure digital future.


RSA Buzz

As usual, at this year’s show you will see the hundreds of vendors displaying their latest solutions and offerings, and you’ll hear from industry leaders and executives about new trends affecting the digital landscape. And this year, there are two hot topics you are bound to hear a lot about: zero trust and SASE. Before you go, here are some things you should know about these concepts.   

Zero trust - The concept of zero trust is based on the belief that organizations should not automatically trust any user or device—inside or outside their perimeters—seeking access to applications and should, instead, verify a user’s identity before granting the appropriate level of trust and continually reassessing that trust. The new industry-wide focus on zero trust, along with seminal research from leading analysts on the topic, have led to a slew of organizations developing their own versions of zero trust solutions and you’ll probably see a lot of them at RSA. However, the term means different things to different vendors, so we recommend reading the Gartner Market Guide as a place to get started on the road to zero trust.

SASE - Another term that has become a major topic of conversation is Gartner’s secure access service edge (SASE), pronounced “sassy.” SASE is a framework for the secure delivery of cloud services no matter where users connect. Gartner says that SASE provides, “Policy-based ‘software defined’ secure access from an infinitely tailorable network fabric in which enterprise security professionals can precisely specify the level of performance, reliability, security, and cost of every network session based on identity and context.”  

The Zscaler architecture was built on the SASE concept, and our teams at RSA will be happy to explain why this architecture is uniquely designed to deliver fast services and reduce risk in the cloud era. You can read more about SASE in the white paper, The Top Three Benefits of SASE.


Where to find Zscaler

Stop by the Zscaler booth (#1143 South Hall) to spend some time with cloud security experts who can give you additional insights into developing a zero trust strategy and address other issues you may find on your cloud journey. Our booth will feature whiteboarding sessions as well as a fun, interactive game that will help demonstrate the importance of reducing your attack surface.

And, you don’t want to miss these Zscaler sessions:

Securing Your IT Transformation – Security leaders looking for new approaches for adopting cloud and mobility need a solution that is simple, scalable, and flexible, with low latency and high security. Solutions based on the secure access service edge (SASE) model have proven to not just seamlessly align with enterprise network transformation, but also better manage the threat intelligence challenge. In this session, our CEO Jay Chaudhry and a Zscaler customer will explore real-world experiences and lessons learned during a successful cloud transformation. 

  • CSA Summit, Moscone West, Floor 3
  • Monday, February 24
  • 1:40 – 2:00 p.m.

Going Cyber-Nuclear: Is It Time for a Big Red Button? – Keeping the internet in the United States safe from a foreign cyberattack is not easy. Is it time for an extreme solution? Join Zscaler global CISO Stan Lowe as he moderates a panel of industry executives to discuss whether splitting the U.S. internet apart from the rest of the world is an option to consider, and if such a move is even possible.

  • Room 3005, Moscone Center West
  • Thursday, February 27
  • 8:00 – 8:50 a.m.

RSA has a lot to offer and it is nearly impossible to see it all. We hope you will take some time from your busy RSA schedule to visit with us at the booth. Or, if you want to have a one-on-one meeting with one of our experts, sign up here. See you there!

Micheline Nijmeh is the Zscaler Chief Marketing Officer


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