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Sprint Launches Sprint Secure Web powered by Zscaler

February 20, 2018 - 2 min read

Service providers have built their reputations and long-standing customer relationships based on their ability to deliver value added services to their customers. Over the years, those services have changed to meet the evolving needs of those customers.

When the datacenter was the primary destination for digital traffic, they built networks and datacenters to support fast and secure access to applications in the datacenter.  But as their customers have progressed in their businesses to be increasingly “cloud first,” service providers are bringing out new services to support their customers going to the cloud.

Today, Sprint announced Sprint Secure Web, a new “as a service” cloud-based security platform powered by Zscaler. Sprint Secure Web combines Zscaler’s industry-leading platform with Sprint’s managed network services expertise to offer business customers the best experience in cloud-based security. Customers can now enjoy the same level of service they have come to trust from Sprint backed by the power of the Zscaler security cloud.

Sprint Secure Web delivers policy-based internet access for users with real-time, inline protection from malware and other, more advanced threats.  The service is part of Sprint Secure, a comprehensive suite of industry leading security solutions for business networks and mobility. Customers can gain peace of mind and free IT resources by relying on Sprint’s 15+ years of expertise in managing network security.

Zscaler brings the internet gateway closer to Sprint’s business users for a faster experience and enables organizations to realize the many benefits of cloud and mobility. Like all Zscaler customers, Sprint Secure Web will always have the latest security threat protection – more than 120 thousand security updates daily.

Sprint also announced the launch of Sprint Secure Private Access powered by Zscaler ZPA, providing  policy based access to internal applications without the hassle and security risks of a traditional remote access solution. Also delivered in the cloud, Sprint Secure Private Access is ideal for VPN replacement, quickly integrating technology in a merger or acquisition, and providing secure remote access to applications for partners or contractors.

To learn more about the Spring Secure Web service visit

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