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Trouble in paradise - This week in cybersecurity

Too busy working to keep up with cybersecurity news this week? Here’s a round-up of the top stories from the cyberscape.

Trouble in paradise - This week in cybersecurity

Paradise Papers expose tax schemes of global elite

The Queen’s offshore accounts, Russian links to Trump's top administration officials among 13.4 million documents exposed in Paradise Papers. Law firm Appleby rails against theft of 1.4TB of data 

Vietnam-backed hackers used Philippine president's website for attacks

A group of hackers alleged to be backed by Vietnam's government compromised more than 100 websites to use in attacks, according to a Monday report from the cybersecurity firm Volexity.

How a Tiny Error Caused Internet Outages Across the US

A simple misconfiguration spiraled into outages for internet service providers and large internet platforms around the US.

Suspected Russian cyber spy Guccifer 2.0 altered a DNC document before releasing it

The revelation that Guccifer altered the document comes amid the FBI and Congress' wide-ranging investigations into Russia's election interference.

GIBON Ransomware Being Distributued by Malspam

A new ransomware has been discovered called GIBON that is being distributed via malspam emails with malicious documents.

Over 1 million Android users downloaded fake WhatsApp app

Scammers tricked over 1 million Android users into downloading a fake version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp pretending to be the official one.

Android security triple-whammy: New attack combines phishing, malware, and data theft

Attacks on three fronts ensure attackers have all the information they need to steal banking details in the latest evolution of the Marcher malware, warn researchers.

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