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Zscaler Acquires ShiftRight

September 29, 2022 - 2 min read

I am pleased to announce Zscaler’s entry into security workflow automation with the acquisition of ShiftRight, a leader in closed loop security workflow automation. As a result, ShiftRight’s technology is being integrated into the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange cloud security platform to automate security management, providing a simple solution that will dramatically reduce incident resolution times.

In my discussions with enterprise CIOs and CISOs, a pressing issue for their IT and security teams is not having enough time and resources to respond to and determine the severity of all security incidents. This results in not meeting SLAs, contentious relationships between security and business stakeholders and, most importantly, it introduces major risks to the business when critical security issues fall through the cracks. 

This challenge is further compounded by the complex and distributed nature by which security is commonly implemented within organizations; that is, while security teams are held accountable for the vast majority of security-related tasks, they are often not directly responsible, which causes confusion, miscommunication, delays and inefficacy. ShiftRight’s technology uses analytics, telemetry data, and intelligence to automate security incident tracking to establish clear lines of responsibility, provide real-time visibility, and foster collaboration amongst teams. ShiftRight’s technology enables:

  • High-level visibility of issues and detailed views for more granular reports 
  • Improves efficiency by identifying and assigning teams responsible for resolving a security issue and automatically creating tickets 
  • Efficient communication with the various stakeholders to ensure accountability
  • Close tracking of team progress to resolve issues end-to-end

As I’ve said before, implementing new security tools is easy relative to changing organizational behavior, but I believe that the integration of ShiftRight’s technology into Zscaler’s portfolio will influence positive organizational change, while strengthening the security posture of our customers. 

We’re excited to welcome the ShiftRight team to the Zscaler family and I look forward to working with them to drive continued innovation in the security workflow automation space.

For more details on the acquisition, please see the news release here.


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