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Launching Seamless and Secure Access with ZPA Private Service Edge Hosted by Equinix


As organizations are making the transition to bring employees back to the office, they’re looking for better ways to improve productivity and make the experience for employees easy. Over the last few years, IT and security leaders have needed to be agile and make swift changes to their connectivity and security plans as users adapted to work-from-anywhere. In exploring a hybrid workforce, organizations have adopted ZPA Private Service Edge, in which a localized version of Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) is deployed within the customer’s data center. This has enabled Zscaler customers to access private applications regardless of the location of the user and the app, with reduced latency and secure access.


Introducing Zscaler + Equinix for private app access

ZPA Private Service Edge is a fully functional single-tenant (per customer) instance broker that is hosted locally within a data center but is managed by Zscaler. Like the ZPA cloud service, the on-premises service enforces policies and stitches together the connection between an authorized user and a specific private application. This is now a zero trust solution that is designed for all users, from any location, on any device. ZPA Private Service Edge is now available on Equinix network edge.



Use cases to explore with ZPA Private Service Edge include meeting your requirements for regulatory and compliance mandates and disaster recovery when you need to have your own source IP authentication addresses.

In parallel, organizations are making the transition to move all applications to the cloud—a distributed, hybrid, multi-cloud architecture—with many sending their traffic through Equinix. The value for customers here lies in leveraging ZPA Private Service Edge to handle the use cases mentioned above. Because of this partnership, our customers get faster time to value as ZPA Private Service Edge is now hosted by Equinix and managed by Zscaler.


Equinix: the world's digital infrastructure company

Equinix is a global digital infrastructure platform with more than 240 data centers and a global software-defined backbone network connecting all of this, which enables cloud-on-ramp connectivity. As demand for network capacity increases, businesses are forced to quickly deploy and scale their networks to support new services and applications while maintaining superior user experience. To meet this challenge, Equinix has Network Edge, a marketplace of virtual networking services that enables you to select the virtual network services you want, deploy virtually in the locations you need, and connect instantly to the destinations you require. These virtual services run on a modular infrastructure platform, optimized for deployment and interconnection of network services while reducing complexity and cost and increasing ease of management for your team.

Customers can rapidly deploy virtual network devices around the world with Network Edge. Services include virtual firewalls, virtual routers, virtual load balancers, and virtual SD-WAN and multicloud networking. In combination with Equinix Fabric, Network Edge supports high-performing edge computing and multicloud networking while reducing complexity and cost and increasing ease of management.


Leverage the new integration of ZPA Private Service Edge with Equinix for seamless and secure access to multicloud applications 

The integration of Equinix Network Edge with ZPA Private Service Edge and cloud connectors provides users with a seamless and effective way to access applications regardless of whether the apps are located in the data center or any public cloud providers. User traffic is routed to the closest ZPA Private Service Edge automatically, with these edges given a preference over public edges.  




ZPA Connectors and Private Service Edge virtual appliances may be provisioned across the many global Equinix Network Edge locations—with locations in all global geographies—using the marketplace.

Customers can now leverage the Equinix Fabric to establish connectivity to any of their internal enterprise applications, applications running within the Equinix colocation facilities, or even applications running within public clouds providing excellent user experience. Users are directly connected to the applications without placing them on the network, thus reducing the overall attack surface while providing a fast, effective way for users to work.

The Equinix Network Edge platform allows for the scaling out of ZPA virtual appliances to achieve high availability for the highest number of concurrent users.


Benefits of the Zscaler + Equinix integration

  • Closer proximity to your public cloud resources
  • Enhanced connectivity through Equinix with their global presence
  • Cost efficiency improvements
  • Mitigation of performance issues by preventing backhaul of traffic
  • Enforcement of policies locally without having to traverse to the data center
  • Reduced attack surface with microsegmentation


Together, Zscaler and Equinix enable customers to have an optimized connectivity experience, so users can focus on enabling the business.

We continue to innovate in the space, bringing the power of connectivity closest to the user. In the coming months, look for further advancements to our integration with Equinix to explore more use cases that enable you to provide secure access to all applications.

ZPA Private Service Edge in Equinix is offered today in limited availability and is expected to become generally available soon.

Reach out to your Zscaler Account team to request a demo.


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