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Security Research Domains Serving Heavily Obfuscated Malicious Code

June 11, 2011 - 1 min read
Following a previous post on a malicious Google News search, we identified additional domains related to this attack, also serving malicious code. The method of infection remains the same by injecting a malicious script, which will redirect victims to one of several malicious domains. You will only be redirected to the malicious domains if certain conditions are met, such as a match on the referrer string in the HTTP header. For most domains, the attack requires that the Referrer be Here is what the obfuscated malicious script looks like:

ImageThe malicious script is inserted just ahead of the opening HTML tag and decodes to any of the following domains which will ultimately deliver exploit code after multiple redirections,

All above mentioned domains are hosted on the same IP address ( is whois information for the IP:
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