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Fake AV: New Look & Feel

Fake AV: New Look & Feel

I recently stumbled upon a new type of fake AV page. This one looks like the store front of an anti-virus vendor.

New fake AV look & feel

The page is animated and displays a fake AV scanner in action. At the end of the animation, the user is warned that several viruses were found on the user computer and the page attempts do download a fake anti-virus binary named: antivirus.exe. Strangely, the "Download for free" image is not clickable.

Popup is followed by an attempt to download fake antivirus

The page is hosted on At the time it was found, neither Google Safe Browsing (Firefox, Safari, Chrome) or Internet Explorer SmartScreen filter block the page. The malicious executable is detected by 12 antivirus vendors out of 42.I was lead to this page through a spam SEO link in a Google search. However, unlike most other fake AV pages, direct access to the page displays the fake antivirus page. A similar page can be found on, the domain is currently blocked by Google Safe Browsing.

 -- Julien

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