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FlimKit Coughs Up More Malvertising

July 11, 2013 - 1 min read

FlimKit is a known exploit kit which takes advantage of Java Vulnerabilities in order to drop malicious content on the victim's PC.  Previous iterations of this Exploit Kit were known to be distributed through at least 1 popunder service.  The EK itself is fairly straight forward.  Like so many other kits, it begins with a malicious flash based redirect from a malvertising ad.  From there it will exploit known Java vulnerabilities to drop JAR file which in turns will give you a malicious executable.  In most cases, this will be some variation of ZBOT.

The following domains were seen as newly added to the FlimKit drop:

  • 9euei.info
  • kvmhja.info
  • sdjeu7.info
  • adiwep.info
  • d0e9ue.info
  • idueya.info
  • sdioep.info
  • sieod.info

Previous iterations of this exploit were also sent as part of known ad services.  This instance is no different other than they have obviously branched out to other services to spread their malvertising message.  Through my research I found that the following ad services were known to send user's to the malicious Exploit Kit which exploits CVE-2013-2423:

  • yieldmanager.net
  • smxchange.com
  • glispa.com

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