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HTTPS Everywhere For Internet Explorer: Source Code And New Version Available

I have released the source code for HTTPS Everywhere for Internet Explorer on GitHub as promised in the last blog post. You need Visual Studio Profession 2010 to compile the project and NSIS to build the installer. Feel free to submit patches and open issues directly via GitHub.

If you missed  the previous post, we have ported the browser extension HTTPS Everywhere (Firefox and Chrome, offered by the EFF) to Internet Explorer. This extension makes it easy to access websites over HTTPS whenever possible for better security.


In the initial announcement of HTTPS Everywhere for Internet Explorer, I forgot to provide a link to the extensive documentation which describes, among other things, the plugin architectures and how to debug potential issues. You can see how the extension bypasses the limitations of the very weak plugin architecture of Internet Explorer in order to intercept and modify all HTTP and HTTPS requests.


A new version is available, you can download it here. I have added the 3,000+ rules from HTTPS Everywhere 3.0 for Firefox (from the EFF). There is also a workaround for (issue reported by a user).

Download HTTPS Everywhere for Internet Explorer

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