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Zscaler Safe Shopping For Safari

Zscaler Safe Shopping For Safari
After Firefox, Firefox Mobile, Opera and Google Chrome, Zscaler Safe Shopping is now available for Safari. You can download it from our website. The features are the same as the other platforms - a warning is displayed when the user is visiting a compromised or fake online store.
Zscaler Safe Shopping warning in Safari
Safari extensions follow the same process as Opera and Google Chrome. Safari includes an extension builder that make easy to create the extension, package it and test it. The documentation for developers is quite good.

However, the submission process is completely obscure. I submitted the plugin over four weeks ago and I have no idea what Apple did with it. I don't have any reference number or any way to track it. This may explain why this is the only browser with a 3rd party website dedicated to browser extensions. I plan to submit Zscaler Safe Shopping to this site shortly.

Install Zscaler Safe Shopping for Safari
Zscaler Safe Shopping for Safari installed

Here is a video showing the extension in action:


-- Julien

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