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How Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone Will Change Your Career


We all have aspirations of the person we want to become and the things we want to achieve. Humanity has benefitted countless times from the ripple effects of such visions. But ask anyone who tasted the success of their dreams in fruition, and you will learn that you cannot become the person you are destined to be if you stay in your comfort zone. 

Realizing your wildest dreams requires growth, expansion, and change. You have to commit, at least temporarily, to the struggle. If something scares you a little, if you have butterflies in your stomach and you are wondering, “Can I do this? Am I going to fail?” Those are signs of leaning into the challenge. Growth happens when you stretch yourself and change the narrative about what is possible. True success stems from taking risks, being unafraid to fail, and committing to constant learning.

Throughout my career, it’s also been clear to me that an individual’s path to success will accelerate through outstanding leadership. I’ve been fortunate to learn different leadership, communication, and management styles, as well as go-to-market systems, processes, and methodologies from exceptional leaders. I believe in paying it forward. As I’ve gone through my leadership career, it’s been my mission to build foundational platforms through which others can learn, grow, evolve, and become the best versions of themselves at a broad scale. Our ambition at Zscaler is about more than just numbers. We are building a true “home” for talented people who can grow with us for many years to come. 

I’ve had two recent opportunities to reflect and share my ideas around the building and executing a Go-To-Market motion. As I discuss in the webinar with Sandi Lurie, VP of Talent Acquisition at Zscaler, it’s imperative to present your Team with the right opportunities on an ongoing basis. It was clear to me that Zscaler was an exceptional opportunity to shape an industry and provide the platform for everyone involved to experience expansive personal growth. We have the chance to do something special and say, “let me rediscover and reinvent myself, and I’ll build a platform for others to do the same.”

I also had the pleasure of joining a recent Podcast episode with People.AI. We discussed more of the methodology behind cultivating success strategically and at scale. One key element is to deliver consistent training for both individual contributors and their leaders. If we can create an environment where intellectual, professional, financial, and career growth opportunities abound—then not only will revenue inevitably follow, but we will have directly changed people’s lives. That is the legacy I strive for and is the basis of the platform we’re building and refining at Zscaler. 

Zscaler is growing at hyperspeed. With the broad and lasting adoption of zero-trust and working-from-anywhere, we are the entity to guide companies into the digital future and secure their cloud transformation. Our Zero Trust Exchange is a purpose-built and cloud-native, cohesive platform and is truly the only one of its kind. By believing in our mission and disruptive technology, we find and nurture the greatest minds to continue innovating and moving the company forward.

When asked about the reasons why she is excited about working at Zscaler, Dawn Ambrose, Channel Account Manager at Zscaler, explained:

First, it’s the technology. Zscaler is the right technology at the right time. Second, it’s the people. People truly matter. Whether you’re early in your career or you have many years under your belt, Zscaler will stretch and teach you new ways of doing things that will stay with you long after your tenure here. And last but not least, it’s the opportunity. Where else can you go to work and help address a 72 billion dollar market just over the next two to three years? It’s incredible.

If you’re looking for a life-changing opportunity, want to work with a platform built for continuously evolving and learning, and grow alongside a leadership team committed to your success, explore our open opportunities. Additionally, listen to the Podcast Episode and listen to my webinar on what it means to work at Zscaler, why taking risks is essential, and how our company truly makes a difference in our customers’ lives and our people.

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