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Setting Up Electronic Invoicing and Payments

How to set up electronic invoicing and payments through Coupa


Tell us about your business

Setting up your business details will allow your customers to find you in Coupa. For best results, fill out as much information as possible. This will also ensure that you meet Zscaler’s invoicing and payment requirements.

Step 2A

Tell your customers about your organization

Which customers do you want to reach?

The customers you select will see the information you provide. Please ensure you have Zscaler selected when you fill out this form.

Which address do you invoice from?

The "Invoice From" information will be included on invoices generated from the Coupa Supplier Portal. This is critical for compliance in some countries.


Note: If you do not want to use this address for remit-to, then you will need to uncheck the box, and you will be redirected to another page to create a remit-to address.

Step 2B

Enter your Tax ID and miscellaneous information

This identification number will be determined by the location of your company’s registration.

Step 3A

Where do you want to receive payment?

Payment Type

Three options are available: Address, Bank Account, and Virtual Card (Credit Card). Zscaler's preferred payment methods are Bank Account and Virtual Card.

Virtual Card

We will send virtual credit card details to the email address provided. This email should be authorized to process credit card information.

Bank Account

Input your banking information to allow for electronic payments. The required banking information will vary based on your country.

Step 3B

Enter Bank Address

Bank Address

Enter your bank address as it appears on your statement.

Step 3C

Remit-to locations

Review the information about your remit-to location

  • If everything is correct, click “Next”
  • If you need to edit anything, click “Manage”
Step 4

Shipping locations

  • Review your ship-from address
  • If everything is correct, click “Next”
  • If you need to edit anything, click “Manage”

Once you are done with this page, click "Done".

Setup Complete


Setup of legal entity is complete! You many now use this entity on new invoices