See Zscaler Data Protection in action

What’s it like to use Zscaler?

Zscaler delivers the breadth and depth of data protection functionality that is needed for organizations to address their cloud security needs and safely embrace digital transformation. From shadow IT discovery to exact data match and beyond, Zscaler has it covered.

Below, you can learn about a number of Zscaler features as well as find brief demo videos that will give you walkthroughs of how it looks in the user interface to protect your data with Zscaler.

Zero Trust Exchange

Shadow IT discovery

Zscaler Shadow IT Discovery automatically uncovers the unsanctioned cloud apps employees use, evaluates them across dozens of criteria, and provides risk scores for each so that IT can respond accordingly.

CASB collaboration management

Zscaler Collaboration Management scans data at rest within managed SaaS applications in order to identify risky or external shares and automatically remediate them according to preconfigured policies.

Zero Configuration Data Protection

Quickly and easily classify data without lifting a finger using ML-powered data discovery, drastically streamlining your deployment and operations.

Enterprise DLP: All-Channel Protection

Secure your data with the most comprehensive and unified solution available, including new protection channels around endpoint, email, and private apps.

DLP Policy Creation

Zscaler DLP provides the SSL inspection at scale that is needed to protect data in real time and everywhere it goes, allowing admins to configure a single policy that is enforced consistently across all cloud data channels.

Workflow Automation

Seamlessly automate the process of managing, investigating, and escalating data protection incidents with workflow automation.

DLP user notifications

Zscaler DLP is complete with user notifications. Rather than enforce policies without users knowing, Zscaler keeps them informed via alerts, and allows users to provide feedback and justifications for violations.

SaaS security posture management

Zscaler SaaS Security Posture Management scans applications to uncover potentially fatal misconfigurations (as defined by various security regulations and frameworks) and empowers IT to respond.

Tenancy restrictions

Zscaler SaaS Tenancy Restrictions can distinguish non-corporate SaaS tenants from those that belong to the enterprise, and allow organizations to block access entirely, or prevent uploads as needed to stop data leakage.

Browser isolation

Zscaler Browser Isolation virtualizes app sessions in the Zero Trust Exchange and streams content to users as pixels, preventing download, copy, paste, and print to stop data loss, and it does so agentlessly for BYOD.

Optical character recognition

Zscaler Optical Character Recognition extracts text from images and inspects it with DLP measures like EDM, IDM, and more, so that data leakage through image files, like screenshots, can be prevented both in motion and at rest.

Exact data match

Zscaler Exact Data Match scans inline and out-of-band traffic for specific data values that need to be protected rather than generic data patterns, enhancing precision and eliminating false positive results that waste time for IT teams.

Indexed document matching

Zscaler Indexed Document Matching secures high-value documents that contain sensitive information; admins simply fingerprint key forms so that any files using them across the enterprise can be rapidly identified and protected.

Microsoft AIP Integrations

Zscaler AIP Integration enables organizations to leverage their existing Microsoft ecosystem in order to improve data hygiene and tagging while reducing the risk of loss across all users and devices.

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