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A Zscaler Innovation Launch

Zero Trust SASE

The industry’s first zero trust AI SASE solution, built on Zero Trust SD-WAN

The first SASE platform built on zero trust

SASE architectures built on traditional SD-WAN expand the attack surface and allow lateral threat movement, undermining the zero trust architecture. Zscaler Zero Trust SASE is built on Zero Trust SD-WAN and AI to reduce business risk and network complexity.


Your network, transformed

Reduce business risk

A zero trust network overlay connects users and IoT/OT devices to apps through the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™, eliminating implicit trust and reducing the risk of ransomware attacks.

Extend zero trust beyond users

Our single-vendor SASE platform connects users, IoT/OT devices, and apps, enforcing consistent zero trust security policies regardless of location.

Lower cost and complexity

Plug-and-play appliances and cloud-delivered security eliminate additional security appliances at the branch and simplify route table management.

Launch event

Zscaler Zero Trust SASE and Zero Trust SD-WAN

Traditional networks introduce unnecessary complexity and risk in IT environments. Today’s hybrid workforce and cloud-first apps need a new approach built on zero trust principles.

Join us to learn how Zscaler Zero Trust SASE and Zero Trust SD-WAN innovations connect organizations more securely than traditional networks.

Technical Breakouts

Learn about Zero Trust SD-WAN use cases

Learn from our technical experts about how you can transform your branch network and extend zero trust to all users, IoT/OT devices, and servers.


Embracing AI-Powered Policy with Zscaler Zero Trust SD-WAN