Zscaler Announces Intent to Acquire Airgap Networks to extend Zero Trust SASE

Zscaler + Salesforce

Securing collaboration to deliver the ultimate customer experience

Balancing security and agility with modern data protection

As your organization adopts more cloud applications, your network perimeter blurs, making it more challenging to prevent data leaks. Together, Salesforce, Slack, and Zscaler deliver a dynamic perimeter that provides superior security for your sensitive data in transit and at rest.

The Challenges
Data sharing
Data sharing

Every day, Salesforce and Slack users generate massive amounts of data and upload countless attachments for active collaboration among stakeholders across geographies and functions. However, a simple click can expose this information to the public, putting your organization at risk.

Regulatory compliance
Regulatory compliance

Enterprise data stored in Salesforce and Slack may contain sensitive information subject to compliance frameworks, data privacy laws, and industry regulations. Noncompliance can lead to fines, brand damage, and revenue loss.


Misconfigurations of cloud application security controls and mismanagement of data at rest are the leading causes of data breaches today. Unfortunately, security teams relying on legacy network-based tools can’t analyze the security postures of their cloud app instances or inspect the content stored in them.

Mergers and acquisitions
Mergers and acquisitions

Organizations growing via M&A often have multiple Slack instances configured to fit different security policies. Security teams are already challenged to gain visibility into private channels and direct messages, and dealing with new tenants and inter-tenant comms governance only adds greater complexity.

Zscaler + Salesforce + Slack increase agility with secure collaboration

Unify cross-functional teams with transparent security Together, Zscaler, Salesforce, and Slack help users collaborate securely from anywhere at any time and prevent data loss. Our Zero Trust Exchange™ inspects all traffic in line, encrypted or not, and ensures your Salesforce and Slack instances are secure, delivering protection, visibility, and regulatory compliance.



Frictionless security for high productivity and collaboration


Manage sensitive data with Zscaler CASB and DLP:

  • Identify sensitive content in Salesforce and Slack tenants while controlling uploads and downloads
  • Leverage hundreds of predefined dictionaries for PCI DSS, PII, PHI, GDPR, etc.
  • Customize dictionaries to your organization’s unique needs
  • Use advanced data classification measures like exact data match, indexed document matching, and optical character recognition


Prevent malware proliferation:

  • Scan Salesforce and Slack for zero day malware
  • Immediately respond to threats and notify admins

Cloud breach prevention


Gain visibility into your security, compliance, and policy ecosystem:

  • Discover sensitive assets and control access
  • Identify noncompliant configurations against common frameworks such as NIST, SOC, and ISO
  • Ensure uniform policy enforcement across tenants


Improve remediation workflows:

  • Automatically remediate uncovered policy violations and misconfigurations
  • Use an intuitive dashboard to analyze anomalies and generate notifications

Secure Salesforce access and maintain a safe posture from anywhere


Provide a safe, fast user experience:

  • Prevent direct, unfettered access to your sanctioned app instance with our isolation proxy
  • Apply agentless browser isolation to prevent data loss through users’ unmanaged devices
  • Inspect the security posture of a Salesforce instance and highlight misconfigurations and anomalies