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Zscaler and VMware

Empowering digital transformation with intrinsic protection from edge to cloud

Traditional network and security approaches hinder digital transformation

Users are accessing applications from anywhere, raising myriad concerns and risks to address: security, scalability, performance, ease of management, and consistency of architecture across clouds. How do you meet these challenges without increasing complexity?

Zscaler and VMware

Securely enabling the work-from-anywhere world

Zscaler and VMware, the leaders in cloud security and cloud infrastructure services, help businesses accelerate digital transformation by enabling a fast, secure, and scalable cloud architecture.

With an integrated approach that enables work from anywhere, you can secure users, devices, and data by sharing intelligence, automating threat response, enforcing posture control, and securing SD-WAN.

Zscaler and VMware: Securely enabling the work-from-anywhere world

What makes the Zscaler and VMware solution unique?

Secure SD-WAN

Zscaler Internet Access and VMware SD-WAN

Enable secure local breakouts with integrated secure SD-WAN. Optimize performance for cloud apps while providing assured security, scalability, and flexibility for all your locations.

Security from endpoint to application

Zscaler and VMware Carbon Black

Shared intel provides comprehensive visibility to quickly identify and remediate zero-day threats while providing zero trust conditional access to internal applications hosted on-premises or in the cloud.

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“We knew that moving to the cloud would bring a host of benefits, but the cost benefit was even larger than we initially anticipated.”

—Henry Ku, Sr. Director of IT infrastructure, Ciena
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“The combination of VeloCloud and Zscaler technology enabled us to greatly improve user experience and allowed users to be more flexible and work from anywhere and still have the same protection as they would have in the office.”

—Erik Beekhuizen, Project Manager, Stolt-Nielsen

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