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Press Release

CINP Selects Zscaler to Protect 400 SMBs in France

Sunnyvale, California, July, 19, 2010

Paris, France, July, 19, 2010

Zscaler, Inc., the market leader in cloud security, today announced that Chambre Interdépartementale des Notaires de Paris (CINP) has selected the Zscaler service to protect all email and web traffic for 400 organizations in France. The service consolidates point products, adds additional capabilities, and significantly simplifies IT administration while increasing overall security posture and reducing costs.

CINP is a professional services organization that is affiliated with and provides IT services for 400 small and medium businesses (SMBs) throughout and near Paris. The SMBs offer a range of services such as notary service, real-estate transactions, family inheritance services, financial audits and more. They vary in size from half a dozen users to 300 users per business, and touch the lives of millions of French citizens daily.

“Protecting 400 organizations with point products for each organization is not only expensive to purchase and deploy but also carries significant overhead for ongoing IT management and administration,” said Jacques Binard, Director of IT Systems at CINP. “Zscaler’s unified policy for web and email security, consolidated reporting as well as its ease of deployment is ideal for any SMB. On top of that, its attractive TCO made it a no-brainer to switch to Zscaler.”

“We are proud to add CINP, a prestigious organization of France, to our rapidly growing list of customers,” said Frederic Benichou, Zscaler’s head of Sales for Southern Europe. “Our purpose-built multi-tenant architecture sets Zscaler apart from competitors that are retrofitting traditional proxies to deliver cloud services.”

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