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Customers and Partners Turn to Zscaler to Secure SD-WAN Implementations

Zscaler Grows Partner Ecosystem for Secure, Easy, and Cost-Effective Local Internet Breakouts

San Jose, California, June, 28, 2017

Zscaler, the leading cloud security company, today announced the expansion of its SD-WAN partner ecosystem with the addition of industry players Riverbed, Nuage Networks from Nokia, InfoVista, and Talari Networks. Zscaler™ best-in-class security is now part of an extensive network of jointly validated SD-WAN solutions.    

As applications leave the data center for the cloud and more traffic is destined for the Internet, companies are turning to SD-WAN to route traffic locally over the Internet to reduce backhaul over dedicated links and deliver a faster user experience.  SD-WAN provides centralized management and uses software-defined policies to select the best path to route traffic to the Internet, cloud applications, and the data center. According to Gartner, “By 2020, more than 50% of WAN edge infrastructure refresh initiatives will be based on SD-WAN versus traditional routers, up from less than 5% today.”1 

SD-WAN makes it easy to establish local Internet breakouts, but local Internet breakouts need to be secured. SD-WAN partners are turning to the Zscaler cloud platform to deliver the security stack as a cloud service, reducing MPLS backhauling and eliminating costly on-premises security appliances. 

“Today’s cloud applications break traditional hub and spoke architectures.  Apps like Office 365 and Azure require direct Internet connections to deliver a fast user experience, and organizations are turning to SD-WAN to provide those direct connections in their branch offices,” said Punit Minocha, Zscaler VP of business and corporate development. “Zscaler provides the critical missing piece, security, while eliminating the cost and management complexity of appliances.”

Jointly Validated Solutions

Zscaler offers jointly validated solutions with trusted SD-WAN partners Citrix, InfoVista, Nuage Networks, Riverbed, Silver Peak, Talari Networks, VeloCloud, and Viptela. These joint solutions offer customers the confidence to adopt new network architectures for Internet-only branches with speed and ease, without compromising security.  Learn more about Zscaler’s Jointly Validated Solutions for securing SD-WAN. 

Zscaler Advances Agilent’s Transition to the Cloud and SD-WAN 

Agilent, a leader in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemistry, turned to Zscaler and SD-WAN partner Viptela to help it take advantage of cloud applications and services. Agilent found that over 60 percent of its traffic was destined for the Internet, but it had little visibility into that traffic. The company needed a cost-effective way to enable local breakouts for its 120 locations and provide consistent security for all its Internet-bound traffic. 

With Zscaler and Viptela SD-WAN, the Agilent IT team has found that it is able to respond more rapidly to changing business requirements. Pascal Heger, global network architect for Agilent, estimates that there has been an 80 percent improvement in turnaround time when new capabilities are added, along with a notable increase in application reliability and performance. “Zscaler has demonstrated their leadership and ability to secure SD-WAN and enable local Internet breakouts from branch offices,” said Heger. “This has fundamentally transformed our cost structure and enabled us to confidently realize the benefits of operational efficiency and scalability around the globe.”

Read the Agilent Case Study

Supporting Quotes 

Riverbed -  
“The rise of cloud and mobile computing has dramatically increased the complexity of managing and securing networks, particularly in remote locations, and is driving companies to implement a more agile, software-defined approach to networking,” said Josh Dobies, VP, product marketing at Riverbed Technology.  “The combined Riverbed and Zscaler offering provides customers with an intuitive and powerful SD-WAN solution that unifies management of WAN connectivity, security and optimization across the entire network based on policy and orchestration.”

"In the last three years, Viptela and Zscaler have been jointly deployed in multiple Fortune-500 enterprises in financial, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and more," said Ramesh Prabagaran, Vice President of Product Management. "Viptela SD-WAN integrated with Zscaler's Cloud Security solution is enabling enterprises worldwide to migrate to SaaS and IaaS infrastructure in an agile and secure manner." 

Nuage Networks from Nokia
“Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) offers customers seamless policy-based connectivity between users and applications anywhere, in the datacenter, at remote locations or in public clouds,” said Hussein Khazaal, VP of Marketing & Partnerships at Nuage Networks from Nokia. “With that expanded reach, our customers are looking for more ways to protect users and their traffic. Our collaboration with Zscaler gives our SD-WAN customers access to Zscaler's highly scalable cloud based security service to protect users in branch offices when accessing the Internet." 

"VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN continues to be the architecture of choice for leading Enterprises and Service Providers around the world," said Michael Wood, VP of Global Marketing for VeloCloud. "VeloCloud Outcome-Driven networking is transforming the way businesses operate by delivering high performance, reliability, and simplicity for both on-premises and Cloud-based services over any transport.  VeloCloud and Zscaler are now deployed together at several highly-distributed enterprises who, like most, rely on cloud applications, value agility and will not compromise on security." 

“As our customers move more applications to the cloud and migrate to SaaS, they are using Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN to create an always-on network to efficiently and securely deliver apps to users in branch offices,” said Chalan Aras, vice president Netscaler SD-WAN, Citrix Systems, Inc. “ By partnering with Zscaler, we are able to protect users and data from sophisticated attacks, while retaining centralized and intuitive management, advanced analytics and the best application delivery experience that they’ve come to expect from NetScaler SD-WAN.” 

“We are proud to join Zscaler’s SD-WAN partner ecosystem by bringing Zscaler’s advanced security features to our Application Aware SD-WAN solution, Ipanema, with direct connectivity to their secure web gateways,” said Sylvain Quartier, senior vice president, product strategy enterprises, InfoVista. “The Ipanema with Zscaler combination allows our enterprise customers to support strong security for their direct Internet access at branch office locations while optimizing the user experience of business-critical applications under all network conditions. This allows enterprises to securely enable their digital transformation with an application aware network solution.”

Silver Peak
“As geographically distributed enterprises fast-track SD-WAN deployments, they are rapidly coming to the realization that securing application traffic over broadband Internet connectivity is paramount to the success of their business,” said Fraser Street, vice president technical alliances at Silver Peak. “As a validated Zscaler SD-WAN solution, Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect enables enterprises to identify applications and automatically steer traffic to the Zscaler security cloud, assuring continuous compliance with the unique security policies and business intent of each enterprise.”

“Talari’s tight integration with Zscaler provides an app-aware solution for a growing number of organizations that view centralized cloud security as the best way to connect to cloud services,” said Atchison Frazer, head of world-wide marketing, Talari Networks. “Talari SD-WAN software will now enable reliable connectivity from a Talari remote instance to Zscaler's cloud-based security services, featuring best-in-class optimal WAN-path selection and dynamic bandwidth allocation for each packet to ensure secure end-to-end communications.”


  1. Gartner, Technology Insight for Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN), Andrew Lerner, Neil Rickard, Ted Corbett, April 28, 2017

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