Zscaler Publishes ‘State of the Web’ Report for Q4 2009




SUNNYVALE, California, February 23, 2010


Zscaler, Inc., the market leader in cloud-delivered multi-tenant Security as a Service (SaaS), today released a statistical analysis of Web traffic for the fourth quarter of 2009. The report, entitled ‘State of the Web Q4 2009’ analyzes end-user behavior on the Web and details threats targeting Web browsers.

“Zscaler has unique view of corporate users traversing the Web through its global network of Web proxies,” said Michael Sutton, vice president of Security Research. “As the SaaS vendor with the largest footprint of data-centers and users from over 140 countries, Zscaler has been able to identify certain trends and facts that are important for organizations to consider for security planning. This report shows how corporate users are using Web resources and how hackers are targeting them for attacking the enterprise from the inside.”

With the emergence of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) as evidenced with the Operation Aurora attacks, it is obvious that large enterprise are vulnerable to such targeted attacks that exploit employee behavior. This study also shows that vulnerable desktops and browsers are extremely common in corporate environment making them easier targets than previously believed.

What you will find in the report:

  • Does IE 6.0 remain a viable threat for large corporations? The answer is not what you think.
  • How many organizations have active botnet zombies in their corporate network?
  • What does it take to uncover a botnet? It’s like finding a needle in a haystack .
  • Does a corporation’s Internet access policy have anything to do with use of anonymizers?
  • Why are so many transactions from corporate networks going to DarkNets?


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