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Press Release

Zscaler Releases Q2 State of the Web Report Summarizing Web Usage

San Jose, California, August, 03, 2012

Zscaler, The Cloud Security Company, today released the Q2 2012 State of the Web report, which provides IT professionals with valuable insights from Zscaler ThreatLabZ into how users access the web, what they do once there, and the security threats they face. The report is also being released with an easy-to-read infographic summarizing results in key areas. The full version of the report as well as the infographic is available for download from the Zscaler web site.

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As seen in this quarter’s report:

1. Facebook Makes Surprising Recovery

Facebook broke its 5 quarter downward trend for enterprise traffic in Q2, increasing from 41% of web app use in Q1 to 42.25% in Q2 despite rocky IPO and subsequent PR challenges in May. Twitter, however, continued to show a steady rise in enterprise use, with transaction growth increasing from 7.44% per month in April to 7.56% in June.

2. Several Prominent Websites Hacked

Several prominent websites were compromised in Q2 with hosting injections to malicious content, including Cleartrip, Computerworld Mexico, and the French Budget Minister’s website.

3. BlackBerry Use Continues its Decline

While overall web use from mobile devices was up, with apple iOS leading the pack rising from 52.67% of total mobile device use in April to 55.36% in June, Blackberry use declined precipitously from 11.82% in April to 7.75% in June.

4. Zscaler ThreatLabZ Launches Multiple Free Tools and Services

The research arm of Zscaler launched several free releases in Q2, including:

The Zscaler State of the Web report is available for download here:

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