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Accelerating M&A with Zscaler

Whether you’ve been through one or dozens, every merger or acquisition is a high-stakes undertaking. Weaving together workforces and working models, application hosting environments, and shared access to resources across your new ecosystem—and doing so securely—is a massive architectural and engineering effort, and every delay can set you farther back from your synergy targets.

Accelerating M&A with Zscaler

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ brings ease and speed to your IT mergers and acquisitions playbook, providing:

icon for reduced technical complexity

Reduced technical complexity

Remove significant technical debt and get technical complexities out of your way. Move on to value capture activities sooner.

icon for deal value protection

Deal value protection

Gain immediate control of cyberthreats while you integrate in parallel. Our zero trust architecture minimizes threat exposure from acquired entities on Day 1.

icon for value capture

Value capture

Consumption-based SaaS models drive meaningful Day 2 savings, leading to technology rationalization and up to 40% debt reduction.

icon for experience & discipline

Experience and discipline

Highly repeatable approach, enabling the business to complete a higher rate of integrations or separations using a zero trust cloud platform.

How Zscaler helps

Maximizing value as you converge ecosystems can be a difficult balance. When low-value, high-effort domains—like network and security—block your way forward, they put serious pressure on your timelines. With the Zero Trust Exchange, your way forward is clear.

Zscaler accelerates integrations to let you capture value faster, helping your business:

  • Integrate only what you need, giving you unprecedented flexibility and options during your integration
  • Provide seamless, secure access to discrete users, apps, and networked resources in days
  • Access organization-wide resources quickly and easily to cross-sell, innovate, and supply business services (e.g., connect warehouses to ERP systems with zero IT footprint, protect IP while enabling R&D)
  • Reduce overall impact in the event of “buying a breach,” allowing users to stay productive while you assess and remediate with confidence
an image showing Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange helps you capture value faster

Three Ways to Accelerate a Successful M&A Integration with Zscaler

Industry perspectives on obstacles to achieving successful mergers


fail to realize revenue or cost synergies

(Source: PwC)


of M&A/divestiture deal-makers cite cyber as the No. 1 transaction risk

(Source: McKinsey)


of acquired employees leave within 12 months due to poor experience

(Source: Deloitte)

Zscaler customers can overcome these challenges


in average cost savings when using Zscaler during transactions over $5B in value

(Source: Zscaler customers)


reduction in integration/separation risk

(Source: Zscaler customers)


improvement in acquired user experience with fast direct to internet connectivity

(Source: Zscaler customers)

Benefits throughout the integration lifecycle

Integration: Day 1

  • Connect resources across your organization with no need to address underlying network complexity—get users productive on Day 1
  • Protect the brand by containing any acquired vulnerabilities or potential compromises instantly when you overlay your risk posture on the acquired network
  • Deliver seamless access to any cross-organization apps and resources with a simple desktop agent

Optimization: Day 2 and Beyond

  • Expand and fine-tune Day 1 deployment as you continue your transformation to a zero trust architecture
  • Drastically reduce technical debt with the ability to connect and secure users and data anywhere
  • Achieve synergy savings targets with lower run-rate costs by eliminating hardware refresh cycles, support contracts, network circuits, and more

How Zscaler streamlines M&A integrations

diagram of how zscaler streamines m&a integrations

M&A roadmap


  • Wrap a secure blanket around inbound and outbound internet traffic to mitigate acquired cyberthreats


  • Remove any external exposures to further minimize risk
  • Overlay access to private apps, keeping users productive while learning about app/user inventories and interactions


  • Integrate other risk profiling capabilities to provide dynamic policy based upon postures
  • Adopt relevant data protection capabilities (CASB, DLP, etc.) as needed for compliance
  • Define and enable more granular access and security policies to tighten up zero trust architectures


  • Incorporate user experience telemetry into your support process for higher First Time Fix (FTF) KPI
  • Apply zero trust architectures to your workload-to-workload communications
  • Remove network and security stacks or technical debt offsets
  • Remove/Replace SD-WAN/network circuits with pure internet access and adopt new tech like 5G

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