Zscaler book

Learn how Zscaler enables work-from-anywhere.

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Zscaler book

Learn how Zscaler enables work-from-anywhere.

Download the eBook today

Real-time data for your SIEM enables real-time response for you.

Zscaler Nanolog Streaming Service delivers
real-time data to your SIEM

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Zscaler Nanolog Streaming Service: real-time data for real-time visibility

Zscaler’s patented Nanolog Streaming Service (NSS) continuously collects and streams web, DNS, and cloud firewall logs from all users in all locations.

Customizable to meet your needs

Customize and pre-process logs based upon criteria such as user, data type, event type, and send only relevant logs to your SIEM. With Zscaler, you can send up to 8 streams of logs, with different filters and formats, to the SIEM of your choice.

Facilitate compliance and event correlation

Ensure compliance with regulatory mandates on local log archival by using NSS. Send web log data to the SIEM to correlate logs from multiple devices and analyze traffic patterns across your entire network. You can leverage log data in the SIEM to conduct extended historical analysis for periods greater than six months.

Fully integrated for seamless deployment and management

NSS seamlessly integrates with the leading SIEM solutions. It was designed to support any ASCII log format and can convert logs to meet your SIEM or Syslog needs. For added flexibility, the NSS software is available as a virtual appliance downloadable from the Zscaler portal. It requires only outbound connections to the cloud, so it can be deployed behind NAT or your firewall—and your software is always up to date.

Transmit Zscaler Web, DNS, and Cloud Firewall logs to your SIEM in real-time

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