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Zscaler and ServiceNow

Protect more, work smarter. More effectively secure your ServiceNow data while enhancing your digital experience.


ServiceNow helps businesses move faster, but like all cloud apps, it consumes and distributes sensitive data. Complex tools and fragmented information make it difficult to offer employees a seamless digital experience. 


With users connecting to cloud apps from everywhere—and traditional security stuck in the data center—it’s time to protect your data and stop threats with a zero trust approach.

Lack of visibility

Gaining visibility into how sensitive data is accessed across your ServiceNow deployment is a must.

Emerging threats

You need faster incident response as threats emerge from within the organization and your ServiceNow deployment.

Complex IT infrastructure

Disparate diagnostic point solutions and a multi-vendor device infrastructure complicate service desk users' routine analyses and assessments.

Zscaler + ServiceNow

Zscaler and ServiceNow integrations extend zero trust to your NOW platform, giving you immediate visibility into infrastructure issues and sensitive data, enabling faster responses to emerging security incidents, and delivering an enhanced digital experience with actionable intelligence.



Seamless digital experience with detailed analysis and remediation

With proactive alerts related to organizational infrastructure from Zscaler Digital Experience™ (ZDX™), ServiceNow customers gain immediate visibility into performance-impacting issues from user devices across networks to SaaS, cloud, or data center applications, and can use intuitive workflows to remediate roadblocks.


Eliminate guesswork

ZDX and ServiceNow integration helps your IT and Service Desk teams collaborate quickly. ZDX provides deep device-level diagnostics, network insights, and application performance metrics so you can rapidly resolve issues or escalate them to the right teams.


Reduce tool clutter

Reduce your reliance on point diagnostic tools with integrated ZDX capabilities such as Deep Trace. Benefit from a trusted source highlighting and recording anomalies from the end user to the application, speeding up your time to resolution.


Restore data protection and compliance

By leveraging Zscaler CASB and DLP, ServiceNow customers can restore data protection across their deployments.



Discover sensitive data

With comprehensive DLP dictionaries and inline and API CASB, quickly find sensitive data anywhere.


Understand exposure

With complete visibility across sensitive data, easily identify access violations that help restore security and compliance.

Securely enable work-from-anywhere

Through the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, organizations can remove the risks associated with BYOD and unmanaged devices accessing ServiceNow data.


Block risky BYOD

Prevent risky BYOD and unmanaged devices from accessing ServiceNow directly by redirecting them to Zscaler. Devices can only connect to ServiceNow through Zscaler to enforce security policies and access controls.


Enable secure B2B access

Stream data to unmanaged devices in the form of screen pixels with Zscaler Browser Isolation™. Enable data access while preventing downloading, copying, pasting, and printing.

Get faster threat response and remediation

Leveraging Zscaler intelligence in ServiceNow security operations lets you stop threats more quickly.


Effective SecOps Workflow

By automatically retrieving additional context from Zscaler, ServiceNow Security Incident Response can orchestrate response actions, including updating Zscaler’s tenant-specific Custom Block List.

Quickly remediate cloud misconfigurations

With Zscaler SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM), you can scan your public clouds for dangerous misconfigurations. You can also remediate incidents instantly or create alert tickets in ServiceNow as artifacts for streamlined workflows.