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Cloud Browser Isolation

Unmatched defense against web-based attacks and data leakage powered by the industry's most advanced zero trust web isolation.


of attacks are carried out over the public internet


of attacks target end-users through browsers


reduction in attacks that compromise end-user systems with browser isolation

Web security’s next frontier

For modern enterprises, the internet is the new corporate network, dramatically expanding the attack surface. Simultaneously, the escalation of zero-day vulnerabilities, ransomware, drive-by downloads, and other sophisticated attacks increases the risk of infection and data theft from web-based threats.

Cloud Browser Isolation reimagines web security by stripping attackers of their most advanced tools and techniques by safely isolating users and endpoints from all active web content. Cloud Browser Isolation helps you make web-based attacks—both past and future—obsolete.

The next frontier in web security

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“Many enterprises are now seeking more than just a proxy service in the cloud, as they add...remote browser isolation (RBI)...and other cloud-based security services.”

–Gartner, 2020 SWG MQ

The ultimate expression of zero trust for safe web access.

In today’s cloud- and mobile-first world, the internet is used as an untrusted transport to connect users and applications to resources across any location or device.
A fundamentally different approach to security, built around zero trust with Cloud Browser Isolation, creates a safe gap between users and the web, rendering content as a benign stream of picture-perfect images to eliminate the delivery of active threats.
Protect users, data, and applications with Cloud Browser Isolation: an integral part of your zero trust strategy.

More browsing, less worry

Zscaler Cloud Browser Isolation provides a completely safe web experience:

  • Assume the internet is untrusted: Stop ransomware, zero-day vulnerabilities, advanced attacks, and protect against sensitive data theft with an unbreakable air gap between users and destinations
  • An internet experience everyone loves: Get nearly invisible browser isolation with lightning-fast connection to apps and websites through our direct-to-cloud proxy architecture and unique pixel-streaming technology
  • Consistent protection for everyone, everywhere: Protect all users in any location with browser isolation policy that spans headquarters, mobile or remote sites, and highly targeted functions and executives
  • Cutting edge security, less hassle: Deploy and manage in seconds with cloud agility as a natively integrated extension of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform
More browsing, less worry

Use cases

Zero trust threat isolation
Zero trust threat isolation: Stop zero-day vulnerabilities, ransomware, drive-by downloads, malvertising, and other sophisticated attacks from reaching end users by isolating web traffic, creating an air gap between all active web content
Zero trust data isolation
Zero trust data isolation: Prevent data leakage or theft from web-based email, SaaS applications, and file-sharing services with granular policy control to prevent upload/download and copy-and-paste actions
Zero trust key employee isolation
Zero trust key employee isolation: Easily set user group isolation policy for high-value targets like your C-level executives, finance, accounting, or HR teams

Separate the good from the bad

Cloud Browser Isolation uses ground-breaking pixel streaming technology to execute all web content within a completely safe isolation environment before serving up clean web pages and content to the user, in nearly real-time, to defend against advanced threats and prevent sensitive data loss.

Get the same browsing experience users expect, while safely isolating them from malicious activity.

Separate the good from the bad

Protection on any browser. Anywhere.

Let your users enjoy their favorite browser—e.g. rome, Safar Firefox, and Internet Explore—with universal compatibility built-in.

Extend protections everywhere with Zscaler Client Connector to isolate web traffic from HQ, branch, and remote users.

Protection on any browser. Anywhere.

Natively integrated. Potent protection.

Cloud Browser Isolation is natively integrated with Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange, providing robust threat and data loss protections for all web activity.

  • Consistent protection for all users, devices, and applications in any location
  • Unified and simplified management to streamline policy creation and day-to-day operations
  • Extend your existing Zscaler investments with natively integrated browser isolation technology
Natively integrated. Potent protection.

Backed by the world’s largest inline security cloud

Security policy and enforcement close to the user

The Zscaler Cloud Security platform elastically scales to your traffic demands. With more than 150 data centers globally, every user gets a fast, local connection no matter where they connect from.
Backed by the world’s largest inline security cloud