Superior Web Experiences with Cloud Browser

Bring zero trust to any browser for secure productivity, data, and application access—without IT complexity or user experience compromises.

Superior web experiences with cloud browser
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New innovations that transform data protection

Harness the power of AI to discover and secure all your data.

Why It Matters

Ensure safe web experiences with safe data

Enable full productivity without security getting in the way

Protect your users from web-borne threats, no matter where they work, while minimizing IT help desk tickets and deployment complexity.


Keep data safe

Secure your valuable and sensitive data with an agentless approach for both managed and unmanaged devices.

Ensure safe web experiences with safe data


Balance productivity with security

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Eliminate the risk of evasive web threats

Reap all the rewards of internet productivity with none of the risk. Stop web-based threats like malware, ransomware, drive-by downloads, phishing, malvertising, and more.


Unburden IT teams and budgets

Spare IT from managing block lists to let them focus on higher order projects. Unleash productivity for administrators and users.


Drive business, not breaches

Better protect corporate and customer data against accidental exposure or sharing with fine-grained data loss prevention controls.


Boost productivity, even for BYOD

Give employees, contractors, and newly acquired teammates alike secure, agentless access to the applications they need—even on unmanaged/BYOD devices—without the cost of VDI.

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According to Gartner estimates, browser isolation can reduce attacks on end user systems by up to 70%.

Solution Overview
More browsing, less worry
Zscaler Cloud Browser isolates web sessions in our cloud native security platform, delivering near-native web experiences, free of threats, that provide:
AI-driven threat protection

Protect users from web threats with AI-based isolation of suspicious internet content and high-risk users.

Sandbox integration and file preview

Enable full productivity with no risk—users can access instant previews of files in a browser isolation as they’re analyzed in the sandbox. 

Protected storage with safe preview

Enable employees to temporarily store documents in the cloud browser, upload files to another sanctioned corporate app, or download secure flattened PDFs using Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR).

Fully integrated data loss prevention

Protect data, even on BYOD endpoints, with controls (clipboard, print, upload/download, read-only, etc.) that block data leakage, stop risky actions, and even watermark data.

Browser access integration

Extend agentless access to web-based and SaaS applications via the cloud browser with data security controls for employees or contractors on unmanaged or BYOD endpoints.


Cyberthreat protection

Safer web experiences

Automatically reduce the overall risk of web-based threats and zero-day vulnerabilities to keep users safe and productive on any device. Leverage user risk score, device posture, or AI-powered Smart Isolation.

File isolation

Safely render productivity documents as PDFs to ensure malicious macros and other active content can’t reach users. Allow download of secure flattened PDFs using CDR.

Generative AI protection

Secure the use of AI by preventing data leakage via AI prompts, and restrict potentially harmful actions like upload/download or cut/paste.

Data protection

BYOD productivity and data protection

Extend productivity to unmanaged devices, including mobile devices, so employees can access necessary SaaS or private web apps while also prioritizing data security.

VDI alternative

Turn to an agentless cloud browser instead of complex and expensive VDI for contractors and third-parties working on SaaS or private web apps.

Streamlined M&A with data protection

Quickly give newly acquired employees access to apps they need for their work—with data security every step of the way.

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Financial services and insurance / 70,000+ employees / Global operations

“Browser isolation allowed us to quickly onboard employees [and] be able to give them access to the things that they need in our network.”

-James Colson
Business Information Security Officer

Healthcare / 95,500+ employees 

“We don’t expect our employees to come back to the office … They’re all asking for options, they want to choose their own work style.”

Jason Truong

VP, Networking & Security Engineering & Operations

High tech / 58,000+ customers / Global operations

“With Cloud Browser, we can provide web browser access instantly, so they can get to work right away.”

Michael Jacobs, Deputy CISO

Energy / 25,000 employees / Operations in 30 countries

“Cloud Browser … offers our users more freedom to get their jobs done without having to worry about security.”

- Tamás Kapócs
Head of Cybersecurity Strategy and Architecture

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