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Zscaler Academic Alliance Program

Preparing the Future Workforce

Zscaler Academic Alliance Program

Through our mission, we aim to educate and prepare students as future cybersecurity experts. The Zscaler Academic Alliance Program plays a crucial role in developing careers and closing the cybersecurity skill gap.

Educational organizations can join our ZAAP network to avail our comprehensive cybersecurity education program at no cost.


Our Benefits

A comprehensive learning approach for educators

At our worldwide network of cybersecurity academies, we're poised to prepare students for thriving careers in cybersecurity.Everyone from high school students right through to mature learners can benefit from our diverse, inclusive teaching approach. Whether it be our complimentary curriculum, lively hands-on labs featuring Zscaler technology, or insightful faculty training—we've got all the bases covered to ensure a comprehensive learning experience!

Preparation for the future cybersecurity workforce

Get familiar with cybersecurity and zero trust through ZAAP. You can stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the field, learn how to prevent threats, and understand the leading-edge zero trust technology used in cybersecurity. We're here to simplify the cybersecurity basics by delving into crucial areas such as cloud security and zero trust. We're passionate about educating a diverse global workforce in cybersecurity.

A core curriculum for enhanced learning

The ZAAP program offers a carefully selected selection of courses that provides students with the cybersecurity fundamentals, essential skills in zero trust technologies, and enterprise security management know-how, driven by a  zero trust architecture. These courses are designed to align with the regional education initiatives, and our program ensures that students are adequately prepared for the most demanding roles in cybersecurity. 

ZAAP Network

Be a part of the Zscaler Academic Alliance Program

Join our worldwide network of academies and equip your students for cybersecurity careers.

Benefit from our curriculum, practical labs featuring Zscaler technology, and faculty training—at no cost to you.

Our curriculum caters to students at various educational levels, including high school, college, and beyond, offering courses at both basic and advanced levels.


See what Academia say about ZAAP

“The AICTE-ATAL Faculty Development Program on Zscaler Zero Trust Cloud Security hosted at MIT ADT University, Pune was a transformative experience that deepened my expertise in the field of cybersecurity. This program offered invaluable hands-on training in Zscaler's cutting-edge technologies. I was particularly impressed by the practical sessions, which greatly enhanced my practical skills.”
“The Faculty Development Program at MIT ADT University, Pune was very informative. We learned about the recent trends that help us to secure system secure data from intruders or malicious sites. The Zscaler lab sessions were very useful for us. We did all lab assignments that were assigned to us and gained more industrial knowledge.”
“I take this opportunity to congratulate Zscaler for their efforts and passionate technical skills which are reflected through the tremendous positive responses from the participants. I feel that from the knowledge imparted to the faculties across the nation who participated can train their students in this challenging area.”
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