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Introducing Zscaler Risk360™: Measuring Risk Holistically

June 29, 2023 - 4 min read

Given the current macroeconomic climate, IT leaders are judiciously re-evaluating their cybersecurity investments. Legacy solutions fail to provide the breadth of visibility into cyber risk and attack exposure necessary to accomplish this. Zscaler is introducing a new approach - a data-driven, real-time solution for managing cybersecurity risk.


Cybersecurity is arguably one of the top priorities for organizations everywhere. The current macroeconomic environment and external pressure from regulatory bodies, such as the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), require IT leaders to quantify and communicate cyber risk to internal stakeholders, business leaders, board members, government regulators, cyber insurance underwriters, and third-party vendors. Legacy solutions fail to meet this requirement for real-time, data-driven cyber risk management. These are often a medley of point solutions, spreadsheets, and manual aggregation of results. They just do not work. A new approach is required.


Real-time, data-driven risk management with Zscaler Risk360

Introducing Zscaler Risk360, a powerful risk quantification and visualization framework for remediating cybersecurity risk. Zscaler Risk360 ingests data from external sources and your own Zscaler environment to curate a detailed profile of your risk posture in real time. Leveraging over 100 factors across your entire attack surface, it helps you understand your financial loss estimates, top cyber risk drivers, and the investigative workflows you can follow to remediate your cyber risk. More importantly, Zscaler Risk360 provides a powerful platform for CISOs to evaluate the efficacy of their cybersecurity controls across the four stages of attack - external attack surface, compromise, lateral propagation, and data loss - and all the entities in your environment, including assets, applications, workforce, and third parties. And given the criticality of communicating cybersecurity strategy across the entire enterprise, Zscaler Risk360 also generates CISO Board slides and high-fidelity peer comparison data to facilitate decision making. 



Zscaler Risk360 Dashboard

Powerful risk quantification based on data and research

Zscaler Risk360 leverages a highly complex, ThreatLabz-powered framework backed by hundreds of signals and several years of research to calculate risk scores for each of the four stages of breach - External Attack Surface, Prevent Compromise, Lateral Propagation, and Data Loss. Our model ingests data from your Zscaler environment and other external sources to evaluate your risk posture across more than 100 factors based on Zscaler’s unique inline vantage point. Zscaler Risk360 visualizes your cybersecurity risk across four entities - Workforce, Third Parties, Applications, and Assets. This allows enterprises to gain a more accurate picture of their risk exposure, correctly prioritize mitigation efforts, and make informed cybersecurity investment decisions.


Intuitively visualize risk across your attack surface, in real time

The Zscaler Risk360 web portal displays your organization’s cybersecurity risk in an intuitive, unified dashboard that allows you to quickly access key information. You can easily filter and drill down into the top drivers of your organization’s cybersecurity risk to further analyze and make security decisions. Business leaders, who are increasingly under pressure to demonstrate that their security programs adequately manage cyber risk, can explore financial loss estimates, including straightforward remediation recommendations. Zscaler Risk360 also includes a handy feature called “CISO Board Slides” which allows you to export a PowerPoint format slide deck to facilitate communicating key risk findings and dollar-value estimates of financial exposure consistently across stakeholders including Board, Audit, and IT Risk committees. 


Data-driven, prioritized actionable recommendations to prevent breaches

Zscaler Risk360 surfaces risk insights with drill-down views for specific details and prioritized recommendations to amend policy. Once an enterprise’s risk posture is clearly understood, it’s critical that action is taken to prevent breaches. This is where the power of Zscaler Risk360’s prioritized remediation framework comes to bear. For example, when investigating users uploading sensitive files, Zscaler Risk360 provides guided investigative workflows that allow you to drill into suspicious users and apply critical policy changes to prevent further exposure. With Zscaler Risk360, you get to sit back and relax watching your risk score improve as your risk owners take policy actions over time.



Fig: Actionable Recommendations


Why Zscaler Risk360?

Replace spreadsheets and third-party tools
Gain a more accurate picture of your risk exposure along with a data-driven approach to estimated financial impact.

Understand your top risk drivers
Learn the top drivers of your enterprise’s cybersecurity risk with the ability to drill down into each contributing factor.

Actionable recommendations to tune your loss expectancy
Leverage Zscaler Risk360’s proprietary, research-backed guided workflows to investigate the most critical issues and prioritize actionable recommendations to remediate them.

Board-level reporting and guidance
Access curated collateral to share your quantified cybersecurity risk with your board, executive leadership, and other stakeholders. 


Wrapping up

It’s time to put away your growing stockpile of third-party vulnerability management tools, attack surface reports, and spreadsheets. With Zscaler Risk360, signals across all your attack surfaces are aggregated in a single view, altogether with guided investigative workflows and prioritized actions to prevent likely breaches.

Start your journey toward a more effective cybersecurity risk management posture today by talking with our team! Zscaler Risk360 is offered today in limited availability and is expected to become generally available soon. Read more and request a demo here.

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