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Zscaler and Silver Peak: Helping Organizations Enable a Secure Access Service Edge and Embrace a Cloud-First Future


Please listen to a podcast on WAN and security transformation with experts from Zscaler, Silver Peak, and Cushman & Wakefield.

No one knows what the work world will look like once the pandemic restrictions are lifted and employees are allowed back into the office. Will everyone return to their headquarters and branch offices? How many people will staff your branch locations? Will employees be working from home permanently?

With so much uncertainty, organizations must be prepared for any combination of these outcomes. But, is your existing, hardware-based network and security infrastructure flexible enough to adapt to whatever comes next?

Days gone by

We’re all familiar with the traditional network infrastructure where the data center was the heartbeat of an organization. Applications and data were stored there, and it was the home of your security stack. And all of your users’ application traffic was backhauled from branch offices to the data center. This hub-and-spoke setup was more than adequate when all employee traffic flowed through the data center. But not anymore.

Now more than ever, more of your corporate traffic is bound for the internet because a greater number of applications have migrated to the cloud. And, with mobility and anywhere anytime internet access, organizations are faced with the challenge of securing their employees who are working outside of the office. All of this has dramatically changed corporate traffic patterns. Yet, for many, the corporate infrastructure has remained the same. Many organizations still rely on a router-centric WAN model that backhauls all branch application traffic over MPLS to the data center, bogging down their appliances and resulting in a poor user experience.

Embracing SD-WAN

Organizations looking for something better have turned their focus to SD-WAN as an alternative to and a replacement for cumbersome router-centric WANs. With SD-WAN, organizations can enable local internet breakout to greatly improve cloud application performance and deliver a superior user experience. And, by routing more traffic directly to the internet, organizations can embrace broadband connectivity to reduce their MPLS costs while also reducing their branch hardware footprint. SD-WAN also helps organizations simplify operations by centralizing policy management and control. Software-defined policies enable IT to quickly make network and policy changes and automatically deploy them across the entire network with just a few mouse clicks. Moving to SD-WAN also improves reliability and creates redundancy, as organizations can dynamically route traffic over a variety of connection types (MPLS, broadband, 4G/LTE), something that legacy infrastructures may not support.

However, one of the biggest worries for IT is how to maintain full access and security controls with no security compromises. After all, direct-to-internet connections increase the attack surface and highlight the need for advanced security services to protect branch locations from threats. But installing next-generation firewalls at every branch to address security needs is too expensive and too complex to manage across dozens, hundreds, or thousands of locations.

So how can IT teams achieve better security without adding complexity, deploying a bunch of hardware in every branch location, or increasing operational overhead?

That’s where Zscaler and Silver Peak come in.

Partners in the cloud

Together, Zscaler and Silver Peak deliver a secure SD-WAN solution that protects enterprises from threats, optimizes application performance, and delivers SD-WAN connectivity that automatically adapts to changing business requirements. This is especially critical now as organizations not only react to the current global situation but also prepare business continuity plans for the next inevitable crisis.

Zscaler and Silver Peak have partnered to deliver SD-WAN with cutting-edge cloud security services that can be configured and deployed in minutes. Organizations can achieve optimal application performance, simplify branch WAN infrastructure and enforce consistent, always-up-to-date security across the enterprise. The Zscaler/ Silver Peak partnership delivers a secure access service edge (SASE) architecture by integrating best-of-breed networking and best-of-breed cloud-delivered security. For IT, that means lower costs, simplified operations and security enforcement that follows the users wherever they connect. For users, it means fast, secure, and uninterrupted access to business-critical applications.

With Zscaler and Silver Peak, organizations can:

  • Empower their IT teams to be more responsive to business needs. They can provision and secure new sites with “zero-touch” setup while increasing productivity and the end-user experience with 99.999-percent availability.
  • Leverage a SASE architecture to unify SD-WAN and cloud security in a seamless solution, enabling local breakout to boost performance and enhance reliability.
  • Enable an infrastructure that can automatically adapt to changing business conditions. IT teams can centrally define security requirements once to deliver optimal connectivity and security to all employees, guests, and devices—wherever they are.

But don’t take my word for it. Customers have seen the power of the Zscaler and Silver Peak partnership and how our integrated solution can provide a secure and efficient experience for their employees.

Nuffield Health

The largest not-for-profit healthcare provider across the U.K. relies on Silver Peak and Zscaler to deliver secure SD-WAN, increase bandwidth, and enable the fast and secure application performance and user experience required for their more than 143 hospitals and well-being centers.

“Silver Peak together with Zscaler has made our cloud transformation faster, more secure, and easier than we could’ve imagined,” said Dan Morgan, IT Operations Director at Nuffield Health.

Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield, a global commercial real estate services firm with users who need a secure, responsive network that provides the same experience no matter where they connect, relies on Zscaler and Silver Peak as a foundation for its cloud and SD-WAN strategy.

“I would recommend closely looking at Zscaler and the partnerships that they’ve built – specifically with Microsoft and Silver Peak as a foundation for a well-performing enterprise,” said Rob Franch, Chief Technology Officer at Cushman and Wakefield.

Embracing change

The way employees do their jobs has changed. The location of their work apps has changed. And the threats to your company are constantly changing and becoming more sophisticated. Isn’t it time your legacy network and security thinking changed too? Global organizations of all sizes rely on Zscaler and Silver Peak to help them realize the full transformational promise of the cloud.

Click here to learn more about how Zscaler and Silver Peak work together to ensure cloud-delivered secure access for your users anywhere they work.

Jen Toscano is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Zscaler

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